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Yes N'Didi

Luton Town (A) (Carabao Cup) Tues 24 Sep 19:45

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19 hours ago, l444ry said:

Where is the best hostelry for this one?

Was going to ask the same thing. I've never done Luton before. Everything seems a walk away, 15mins minimum to the ground. I saw on the ground guide there's some kind of pub inside/attached to the ground?

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On 12/09/2019 at 16:35, ianormondroyd said:

If anybody can help me I’d appreciate it.  I’m trying to get my 5, soon to be 6 year old son a ticket.  


He comes to most of the other away games with me as he wins the members ballots regularly and is able to buy a ticket on the first day of sales.


He didn’t win this time, I’ve tried a few friends refs but none have enough points. 


Ive bought my ticket, however, unfortunately if he doesn’t go I can’t go either, as it’s his birthday!  If I go without him I fear this would make me a pretty awful human being!


I don’t mind which age bracket the ticket is, I’ll buy any! 

I have one adult ticket in the away end. Email me at clangley@ psafinancial.co.uk

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On 22/09/2019 at 22:54, Hollyfox said:


Behind enemy lines again. 

Will be sitting on my hands in the Kenilworth Rd end😒

Fortunately I managed to grab a couple in the away end otherwise it would've been home end for me too!! 


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16 hours ago, SemperEadem said:

Bricklayers Arms despite being away fan friendly on ground guide it's home fans only tonight.

According to the Luton away match guide they only listed two "official" away pubs, the Conservative club and one other. Bricklayers was mentioned but said sometimes it's home only.

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