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Post Match Thread - Man City (A)

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16 hours ago, fuchsntf said:

I Keep repeating..this forum cant Pick a player...15years of blah,blau cant do this,cant do that..!!

Never learnt..from recent history

Morgan,Vardy,Mahrez Ricardo, Chilwell,Soyuncu in the last few years..!!


First encourage,before going on rants, discussing your own players..!!

I love you... 


But, no one likes a smart arse. (herbie, take him to the naughty corner 🤣😘

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10 hours ago, StriderHiryu said:

I’ll do a tactics post on the game this week because it deserved it. Generally speaking he dealt with either Sterling, KDB or Foden when they entered his zonal space. Man City in general try to control the game through the middle then get in in the inside on either wing, then low cross for a late arriving player who can be any of the front 5/6. This was the best thing we did defensively all game as Man City only did it twice through KDB and both times it was easily dealt with. 

The other big thing we did was put Vardy on Rodri to prevent the “recycle” pass they use to maintain control of the game. Teams have done similar to us against Ndidi but this was really interesting because we were happy for Man City’s back 4 to play it to each other in their half and simply kept a low deep block and watched them play it sideways for 90 minutes. We’ve had this done to us many times especially during the Puel era so we know how it feels!


The key to all of this is pace on the break to offer a threat. It wasn’t just Vardy that did this, Barnes, Castagne and Justin were all exceptional and in the case of the wingbacks they had the engines to do it for 90 minutes. 

There’s more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it. Wolves have done it to Man City several times, but in Barnes and Vardy we have two of the best counter attacking players in the league, which made Man City look even worse. 


I look forward to your contribution on quite what we did. I didn't really notice how Vardy was focused on one player at all.


Our shape without the ball was super compact, reminding me of the second half of the title season.


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1 hour ago, AKCJ said:

Whether or not we lulled Man City into a false sense of security or not.. no Idea. We may have done.


But we deviated from the tactics we played with in the first 30 minutes and that's what won us the game.

There’s more to a game plan that using a single tactic. We knew we had to contain them in the opening stages and be resolute. We weren’t going to stick with that had we gone past the 30mins at 0-0. Man City went out to try and put us to bed early and we held them fairly comfortably. Once we settled in the game and weathered the early storm, we opened up and played football. Had we gone out from the off like that it could’ve been game over by half time. 

Plans evolve as games go by but I don’t think ours needed to today because we were in a position that we were still in the game and it played out as BR had planned. I don’t think we changed style as the game went on because we were a goal down or because BR just decided to change it. They’ll have spent all week going through how the wanted to play and I believe that’s exactly how we played yesterday. 

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3 hours ago, Aleksz said:

Was just on goal kicks from what I noticed. Brendan was keen to mention we were going a little more direct from goal kicks so I think the idea was for him to just step up for those and give us an option to win the ball with no real height in midfield or forwards.


I'm glad someone else saw it, I think it worked pretty well. I didn't hear BR post match, so it sounds like it was a plan. Big Dan, target man.


Chuffed to bits for the lad. No football for so long for anyone is a nightmare psychologically, never mind the physical stuff.

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So we put...


3 past West Brom

4 past Burnley

5 past Man City


Does anyone else see a pattern emerging?  Assuming we continue this way (entirely reasonable assumption) we'll put six past West Ham, and reach double figures against Fulham in a month or so.


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1 hour ago, fuchsntf said:

Its nice to be proved wrong. Spouting negativity is never good, but this is a forum for discussion. 


But it aint discussion is it, when ist always bombastic cynical towards their own team...

I irritate on purpose to Balance ,the negative shit out...!!!


The First 7 pages yesterday were down right depressive before a ball was kicked...a regular occurence on this forum..!!

 People are Happy just to say well its only my opinion, their approach IMO its an insult to banter & fair-balanced discussion.

The remarks are not 'thoughts just in passing' ,  but follow campaigns based on shear cynicism and seemingly

projects some statements bordering on grinding hate, instead of that fan-establishment word... "Support"


We want our managers to learn..but since our promotion, Too many fans have shown,they themselves havent learnt patience,encouragement towards

their own players..We are the Club that created a title team,from the travelling mongrels. Found gems in far lost fields.We have had a few Fall Short

or the Club has not trusted in some of their investments..But fans forget we are more on the Plus & positive  side,with our players who have come in...


Some fans just insist in pointing out the actual normal game errors & insist on making massive issues out of them..

Then suddenly Mark their targets as PL-incompetent,shit,crap,&will never be a Football player....All trying to prove what Great pundits they are...Well they are..!! because pundits miss the Real Everyday good moments,in their commentories,or columns, because they are too busy listening to themselves boringly trying to Chase the best cynical,sarcastic remark/Column of the week..!!!

Football is so simple..but we want to be sooo clever und over-Analyse the shit out of it...


Excellent post. Now I understand your personal motivations I will enjoy even your negativity bashing posts more. 


I think it is a generational thing personally, and bring in my early forties, consider myself last of the old school, beginning of the new


But bloody hell, kids of today! Don't know they are born etc. Etc. 🤣


Type first, think later (endemic of society as whole) I can type almost as quick as I talk, and I'm still relatively old school. 


Younger people (in general) can type it as quick as they think it, and decide (rightly or wrongly) to share their "wisdom" with the whole world. 

(in general, as an idiot is and idiot and will one finger type their own bile at one word an hour as it is soooo important that everyone knows and applauds them) 


But that's a much bigger debate 😱😎🤣💪

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On 27/09/2020 at 19:25, Webbo said:

Give Matt a break, we're all a bit negative sometimes. We take the piss out of each other but we're all Leicester fans. Tonight s not the night to bicker. 

I find this approach far more fun



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Woop woop, I've learned (or somehow fluked) how to insert a gif properly. Winner winner, dinner of chickens. ****ing g'won me!
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19 hours ago, StriderHiryu said:

Who is man of the match? I could think of about 6 players!


Vardy will probably get it for the hat trick but Tielemans, Mendy, Castagne, Justin, Soyuncu could have had it. Given how few games Amartey played even he would have to be considered!

Not Soyuncu, he didn't have anything to do 🤣

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3 hours ago, gw_leics772 said:

Love your work, this thread made me self reflect and try to remove some of my negativity though because with my tainted view, my original thoughts were that he took the glory for the majority of the interview and gave praise to the players at the end almost as an afterthought. 

Glad I read this straight after watching as 2 people's interpretations can be so different. 

You are right. I was wrong. That felt good. 

Don't worry,  I've hardly been Mr Positive in my previous posts regarding Rodgers in the past which have at times bordered on the scathing 🤣. However,  I saw something quite different in him yesterday. Quite rightly he should receive some praise because not only did I think he got things spot on tactically yesterday he'd clearly convinced the players to have the discipline to carry it out, particularly after that early Marhez goal! 


It had previously seemed to me that in Rodgers eyes, our second half of the season collapse had been soley down to the players, confidence issues and injuries. That really worried me that things were going to go down hill quickly this season as a number of people also had problems with certain of his tactics, team selections and a slavery to a particular rigid system of play regardless of opposition. 


Yesterday however, unless I completely read him wrongly, I sensed a slightly more humble and contrite man who had seemingly wrestled greatly with a problem. For example, he appeared to say that in the past, that he, being a very confident individual, always wanted his teams to be the same and reflect that in a particular attacking style of play. However, he also seemed now to implicitly acknowledge that football isn't always like that and that reluctantly, he'd employed different tactics. As far as I'm concerned good for him because not only did his tactics work,  it will give him a different type of confidence also. There's a time to be cautious against teams like Man City or Liverpool perhaps and also a time to be less pragmatic against teams like Norwich or Southampton last season also and not always micro-manage or overthink things. I know it was only one game but he impressed me yesterday and I genuinely wish him the best of luck.

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It is hilarious (really bad actually) listening to all these pundits on TV thinking they are so good etc commenting on Man City problems and Leicester. It is obvious they know jack all. Most of them just say the answer is Pep should go buy buy and buy. Come on. And some say things like Vardy has really turned it around of late coming back from when he was on the bench when Puel was here (ONE game).  Atrocious.

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