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4 hours ago, Fox92 said:

Not sure if any of you have seen but the Union FS painting thing at Filbert Street has been covered up?


I saw it yesterday on the way to KP.

Yeah we know but thanks for anyway. It's a nice yellow now lol

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21 hours ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

Is there any intentions on a early season tifo? Maybe something gallic style? (possibly reference the French Lesbian romance 'Blue is the Warmest Colour' - watch gammon fry with that)


Similar still going to do away blocks? 

Believe so for Wolves, though probably won't be that esoteric. lol


Think they're still on the lookout for volunteers and donations too to make sure it goes smoothly.


And yeah, think they will do away blocks for certain games judging by recent posts in this group.



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1 hour ago, Matt said:

Were people at the front being petty again?


Refusing the hold it down? In the middle the front I noticed it was folded up a few rows, looked like they were holding it away.

Seemed that way. I sit row H so not exactly at the front and  people were stood in the aisle to look under as if they were making a point. I'm not personally bothered, it's only the players coming out, my only concern was how warm I was getting!

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