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Just now, Genesis1 said:

I think Rangers will walk it. I know the Scottish league is different but to be at this stage unbeaten all season is impressive whatever league you're in.

They've conceded about 20 goals in all competitions this season. Slippy G has them very well organised. 

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3 hours ago, KFS said:

I’m going to spam the Rangers admin on Twitter encouraging Rangers 


Win it Rangers 🦊 

You’re so great Rangers 🦊 

Love me Rangers 🦊 


Let’s fvck those West Ham nonces up in a few weeks and put them firmly midtable where they belong.

As annoying as the West Ham fans were I would rather Slavia won to be honest. I have a strong dislike of rangers personally. I think they as a club sum up all the bad sides of football more than any other team.

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A question asked by many - we achieved 10 coefficients points for the run which positions us 51th in UEFA club rankings and 31st for this season with a combined coefficient of 32. 


Before the additional TV market money & the deductions, we have earned 6.89 million euros in prize money. 

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Maguire has had an exceptional few minutes. Blocked Man Utd's freekick by being in the wall and now missing from a yard.


Hes actually had a decent season, just funny to laugh at. 

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8 minutes ago, TK95 said:

Can we move this from the Leicester City part of the forum :(

I was looking for ages in general football and sport - had to post my slagging off of Maguire into the Premier League thread.

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Turned on the Slavia v Rangers game towards the end of the first half only to find a Slavia player rolling around in agony on the floor and the commentators complaining about how they were over reacting to tackles. Sound familiar??

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1 minute ago, TK95 said:

AC Milan are a long way from the Seedorf, Pirlo and Inzaghi days 

Absolutely. I remember growing up watching that side and it’s a million miles away from this current crop of imposters, I mean look at the state of their kit for a start, that doesn’t ooze culture, oozes Costcutter 

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