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Look at it this way: with how the big teams have strengthened already it would have been unlikely to retain top 4 next year. If we actually develop a decent squad and mentality we should have more than enough to win it and that’s our ticket to CL next year. On top of a shiny European trophy in the cabinet.

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3 minutes ago, Foxin_Mad said:

Couldn't give a shit about it to be honest ****ing Thursday Night inconvenience. Sunday games every weekend. Shit.


I know we are gonna play electricians in Kazakhstan and washing machine companies in the Netherlands but I would rather be in Europa League than not, and plus we have s chance of winning it. I look forward to it.

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1 minute ago, StanSP said:

Some clubs that are confirmed... 


Group stage:



CSKA Moscow









Sporting Lisbon 



Standard Liege 


That doesn’t even include the Italian teams yet. There are some big clubs there. 

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Gutted we've not made Champions League and can understand not wanting to think about what should have been but how any fan can turn their nose up at watching us in Europa League baffles me. We've had 4 european campaigns in our 136 year history. Whilst it'll take a while to get over the end of this season it will be great to see us back in European competition. 

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I think what makes it doubly disappointing this year is the fact that there’s likely to be no away fans for at least the group stage, and possibly no fans at all.


When you think about qualifying for the Champions League, even in an empty stadium there’s a bit of pizzazz and it’s something to really look forward to. For the Europa League it will be a nice change watching us play some continental sides but that’s it, there’s nothing especially exciting about it when you can’t travel away or possibly even see the games live at home. And for those watching on TV they will do so without the sort of atmosphere you get from a great European night.


I am trying to look forward to it because I’d love to see us in Europe again whatever the level. But European football especially won’t feel the same without the fans and Europa League games played out in empty stadiums are going to be tough watches

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