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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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You keep chucking money at it then eventually it will be successful. Biggest change is they've spent money on the manager. Still early days, remember how good we looked last season but they've started well. Better without the whinging natives at goodison. 

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1 minute ago, Md9 said:

People already thinking they can Do what we did 😂 they do look good going forward but there will be more teams that put them under pressure and then we will see what they are like. 


Sometimes these fools miss the obvious; not just Everton who are shaking things up.

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42 minutes ago, shailen said:

And they've got Jordan Pickford. This obsession with playing out from the back and teams seem to be overlooking the fact that goalkeepers need to be good at saving shots before anything else. 

Pickford a bigger fraud than Joe Hart. The best English Keeper is Pope, followed by Henderson. Yet this clown starts every game for England..... Pickford a poor mans Kevin Pressman. 

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Keep us under the radar. We have the squad of young, hungry players with a point to prove, not a squad with layers and layers of failures built up until there is at least functional eleven. We smashed Pep's City, they squeeked a one-nil against Mourihno's Bottleham Hotspurs. We got this

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6 minutes ago, Finnegan said:

I know I shouldn't care, but hearing people talk about Everton "doing a Leicester" is triggering me a little. 


They have spent absolutely ****ing disgusting amounts of money over the last few years. Comparing them to our 15/16 title win is borderline offensive because of how wildly it misses the point. 


Also, if we win tomorrow we'll also be on four wins from four having STILL (I think?) spent less than them? 

Definitely agree with all of that. They are doing very well but have been some of the biggest spenders in the entire league for multiple seasons now.


At the same time, Ancelotti deserves a lot of credit. He's always been a great coach but some people on the continent thought he might be past it with less than impressive stints at Bayern Munich and Napoli, but back in the Premier League it must be said that this is the best Everton team I have seen in years. They play very nice stuff and he's got a tune out of James Rodriguez, whom it's great to see playing over here. Not sure where they will finish but it could well be above us! The games between us this season could well be definitive come the end of the season.


Ancelotti's Milan teams, both as a player and as manager were some of my favourites of all time. So I have a lot of time and respect for him.

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I don't care which way you look at it  7 wins in 7 games in all comps is bloody good going whoever they've played.


Talk of a title challenge is wildly premature, though. They have a manager capable of it, of course, but it remains to be seen how they'll cope when they start picking up injuries and they're unable to start with their preferred XI, and when teams start working them out and they have to start changing their shape and personnel.


It's been an impressive start from them and momentum can take a team far but the jury is definitely still out, especially with such an error-prone keeper and no competition for him. The Merseyside derby is going to be in interesting watch.

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