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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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57 minutes ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

Fair play to Everton, great start to the season. I've always slated DCL but he's started very well as well. I still think Pickford will be the weak link for them, but without European football there's no reason they can't be getting into the top 6 if they keep this up. They can focus solely on the league this year, which is a huge part of the reason we won the league and got top 5 last year.

agree..A sensible post,instead of snidey Pot Shots & boring  (shit/crap/Not Good enough) debates over our Pl competitors..

Everton have turned their last few years of trial & tribulations around...The scouser-Derbies,will be alot more interesting ...

I wish no Bad on the opposition,and hate it when the opposition clubs & players are cried down to  knuckledragging debate.

DCL, is now realising is potential & Now living out his dream...An Highlight of enjoying the PL-competition and our competitors...


I also like Burnley,because. Thats how we were, !!! grinding out points, and playing  the odd Great game..

In fact I Enjoy the other 19 teams,or we wouldnt be able to see & measure our own talents & potential...

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