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FA Cup - 4th & 5th Round Draw

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8 hours ago, KingsX said:

The Athletic just published a piece on clubs' luck (or lack thereof) over the last ten years' worth of FA Cup and League Cup draws.


For me it was much ado about nothing.  They are analyzing a freaking lottery; what is there to say about the luck of the draw?  I'll just share this one graphic.


Not that I want to spin up the conspiracy theorists or anything :ph34r:



Now we tend to smash 'the big six', this seems OK, now 😄

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4 hours ago, Aus Fox said:

does that table go any further down? I would love to see Man City’s percentage, especially if it doesn’t count finals where it’s not really a draw.

That was all of it, sorry.

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2 hours ago, BigGibbo said:

Big 7? Sky will hate saying that.

If we keep uit up a new term will be coined like Seven Sisters or something, copied from 90s Serie A. 

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Arsenal are doing the same as everyone else, playing bench players and the reserves. It's just not possible to play your first team for the full 90 again, there's way too many games coming up, especially for those in European competitions.


Looks like we'll be playing Brighton then if we can beat Brentford tomorrow.

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1 hour ago, Mike the Metal Ed said:

Hmm no I don't like Knocky scoring for Forest, and especially not looking so happy about it.

I'm surprised Brighton let him go to be honest, seems to have weakened them in a playmaking sense. 29 now and 6 professional clubs but never made the top end of the game, I liked him though and at least he rinsed fulham last summer on a 3yr deal at £35k a week. No wonder forest cant build a team when they are spending money like that on loan players!

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