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Let's have a TV shows thread.

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7 minutes ago, Mark 'expert' Lawrenson said:

Just watching Ambulance on the beeb, an 80yr old man is in an ambulance having just had his heart started again and someone in another van refuses to move for the ambulance, absolutely unbelievable behaviour.

Ambulances (and fire engines) should have dashcams like Police Cars. Anyone shown being deliberately obstructive should be prosecuted and/or their insurance informed. 

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10 minutes ago, Mark 'expert' Lawrenson said:

Haha I’m still on series 1, I’m struggling through it as I’m finding it so frustrating and the series is way too long 

If you're struggling through the first series you're in for a long ride lol


I really liked season 1 but after that it just became repetitive 

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On 21/09/2020 at 16:04, Dr Marco said:



I used to think this at first, I was annoyed they did the usual shit of making a British story American. 


But it's actually one of my favourite films of all time. Its sensational. I'd say it's a better film than the book is a book if you know what I mean. 


The soundtrack is superb, the casting is superb.

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