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Brighton Post-Match 2-0

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6 minutes ago, TJB-fox said:

After a great win like that, the first thing you mention is Gray being selfish? Remind me who won us the penalty again please. Yes he lost the ball 3 (?) times and should’ve passed it but yet AGAIN he’s come on and had a majorly positive effect on the game. 

Well, being pedantic, it was the second thing I mentioned, after, you know, saying how good and professional a win it was.


I guess why I included that thought was out of frustration seeing as while I'm sure Gray was putting defenders in fear by running at them and that's good, I'm not sure the lack of end product caused directly by his lack of good judgement can be called a *net* positive. But yes, winning the penalty was important.

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Just now, Chester Dontlie said:

Soy immense again. Very glad that Perez scored. Barnes couldn't hit a barn door though, how many attempts he had lol Ndidi below his high standards I though


We should be leading by the half time with all the chances created and corners but we were patient and it paid off, A well deserved win :thumbup:


The only big concern is Evans. I'm alright with Wes filling in for a game or two, just hope it won't take much longer

We had 19 shots 9 on target, could have been 3 or 4 nil

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A comfortable away win against a side sitting in mid table and we could have scored a few more. Lost the stream in the second half but thought they created very little and as easy a clean sheet as you can get. Well ahead of 5th place now which personally  think should be the first thing to keep an eye on. We are a young side and getting better what is not to like

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Just now, henrik_62 said:

That was a superb result today, games like that, away to stuffy sides like Brighton, the sort of game you are expected to win are quite often the biggest banana skins.

We were beating Brighton for fun home and away  even in the bad old days of Shakespeare and Puel but there was still the worry that it could have gone iffy 

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2 minutes ago, StriderHiryu said:

- Great result

- Decent performance 

- Another clean sheet despite the injury to Evans

- Perez back among the goals 


Only negative is Liverpool with their 200 4 leaf clovers lucking out every week!





Scousers have loads of luck, will run out after Christmas.


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16 minutes ago, Tanya said:

I should note that Matt Ryan is the Aussie keeper so I have seen him a fair bit and he is absolute class. Got in Vardy's face a few times and saved that penalty. A genuinely terrific player that goes under the radar a bit.


Youri was awful today. But he is not the sort of player to have a string of bad games in a row and it shows something about our team when we can win even when he is sloppy.


Great result.

If we didn't have Kasper then he would be my man. In a more attacking side he would be an absolute nightmare with his distribution.


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Just now, Dorkingfox said:

We had 19 shots 9 on target, could have been 3 or 4 nil

That's some crazy numbers. We had lots of corners too. Maybe the other day it would end 3 or 4 nil indeed. Barnes specifically should improve his shooting skills. I like that he tries to shoot often, even to the point of being selfish, but eventually misses too many chances. Maybe it'll all just come with the experience

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