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Brighton Post-Match 2-0

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1 minute ago, UniFox21 said:


I'd describe it as an off day, wasn't remarkable but didn't do anything wrong. 

Perhaps awful is a tad harsh. But I would say he was poor. Not only did he look off the pace, but he was guilty of lazily giving the ball away numerous times. There was that sticky period in the second half where he gave it away twice in about five minutes and invited huge amounts of pressure on to us. 


But like I said, he's usually consistent so I'm sure the backroom staff will walk him through the performance and he will improve. Who are we playing next week?


And because it can't be said enough: Cags is my hero.

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1 minute ago, jim5000 said:

Calgar looked at Wes several times as if he would rather just be there by himself than have Wes sliding around all over the shop

After the first goal he got Wes in a headlock and gave him a few words of advice about seeing the game out.


That's how you know the kid is good, when he's got the confidence to put his arm around the PL winning club legend captain and tell him what's what lol

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1 minute ago, Russell sprout said:

Everton h

watford h

villa a

norwich h


4 of the bottom 6 next up for us with 3 homes games,

these are good times folks

If we want to be a top side, we need to win all 4 of them. It's totally doable and I have confidence in this team.

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Soy immense again. Very glad that Perez scored. Barnes couldn't hit a barn door though, how many attempts he had lol Ndidi below his high standards I though


We should be leading by the half time with all the chances created and corners but we were patient and it paid off, A well deserved win :thumbup:


The only big concern is Evans. I'm alright with Wes filling in for a game or two, just hope it won't take much longer

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