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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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17 minutes ago, FoxinNotts said:

I’m just not having Leeds at all. On paper, they are shite. Bielsa hasn’t won a great deal in his career either. They are a hard working team, but that’ll only get you so far

Yeah, European football the way this season is taking shape..

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I know I say this pretty much every week without fail but **** me there’s some sickening comms going on here lol 


LUFCTV would even be a bit embarrassed to be going on like this I think! 

They could do with taking one of these chances. I fancy Wolves on the break if they get half a sniff. 

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Agree some of the hype about Leeds and the Bielsa way is way over the top but at same time  I’m a bit envious watching the speed accuracy and imagination the Leeds midfielders and forwards are showing. Getting in behind the Wolves defense regularly and good  to watch 

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25 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

Petrified of Leeds intensity against us in a few weeks ...... 


Its OK, Brendan has a plan. 


He's going to disorient them by wearing his Leeds hairstyle wig.



Screenshot_20201019-204539_ibisPaint X.jpg

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