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7 hours ago, Collymore said:

Didn't Sir Tom just return from Barbados? Probably where he caught it perhaps? 

Apparently he had pneumonia first and then caught COVID in hospital. 

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One day it's "When doves cry", next day it's when doves die..... 


"The late great Prince's female white dove Divinity passed away, age 28, on Tuesday 'following a recent decline in health due to age. 'Divinity's beautiful coo has welcomed visitors since Paisley Park first opened its gates to the public in October 2016,' Paisley Park executive director Alan Seiffert said. 'She was one of the enduring links to Prince for thousands of fans. She will be missed.' "


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This is one I really didn't want to see. A key man in one of my long-time favourite bands.... :cry:




"Stefan Cush, vocalist and guitarist of folk punk group The Men They Couldn’t Hang has died following a sudden heart attack. In a Facebook post, The Men They Couldn’t Hang said: “With unberable sadness we have to let you all know that our brother, friend, inspiration, life of the party and soul of the band Stefan Cush died of a sudden heart attack on Thursday. We are beyond devastated. Our love goes out to his family. We will say more when we can. We loved him.” The post then went on to reference the folk song ‘The Green Fields Of France’, a cover of which was The Men They Couldn’t Hang’s debut single in 1984. “Did the band play the last post and chorus? Did the pipes play the flowers of the forest? God bless you Mr C.”


First saw them in 1985, I think. Last saw them in Leicester just a couple of years ago - and they were better than I'd seen them for a long while. Sad, sad news.

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RIP Dai Davies.


Dai Davies obituary: Former Wales goalkeeper dies aged 72 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52065738


Do any of the older members on here remember him hacking down Gary Lineker in a game against Wrexham at Filbert Street, 79/80? I recall it being one of the most blatant penalties you could ever see but amazingly the referee just waved play on. Back when it was a man's game I suppose.

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