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Burnley match thread - Wednesday 3rd March at 6pm

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3 minutes ago, Steve_Guppy_Left_Foot said:

I've backed Ricardo first goal 18/1 and anytime 7/1, that's a good price imo. 

Any odds on who the first ligament injury of the game will be? 

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1 minute ago, Ric Flair said:

" I'll choose away please Sue "


" which top 3 Premier League side picked 4 defenders and 3 defensive midfielders to one of of the most diabolical teams in the league who had scored 18 league goals in 26 games "





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7 minutes ago, AKCJ said:

Hahaha this punditry.


Cole - "He's got blistering pace for a 32 year old."


Cates - "Hes 34 I think!"


Minute later.


Morrison - "You've got to remember Vardy's 33 now".


lol lol

I muted the build up after Cole’s opening comment. This doesn’t surprise me. But will Sky be embarrassed? Sadly, no.

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5 minutes ago, Carl the Llama said:

Nacho doesn't do well as a lone striker, Under is a myth as far as I'm concerned and you've got Albrighton who needs a rest just as much as Vardy playing on the wrong side.  Agree Tielemans is in the wrong role but we don't really have a fit, viable alternative, maybe with Iheanacho on the pitch he'll be a bit further back than in recent games, with Vardy or Nacho coming deeper.  After Prague I'm not sure Ndidi and Hamza is necessarily an improvement on Ndidi and Mendy, I think that one's much of a muchness tbh.  All in all Brendan's gone for a defensive formation which still has teeth, I'm not sure you've really done anything to improve that.

You make some good points and I agree no team tonight would be great as we are short but I believe Brendan has shat the bed and is going for a 0-0.

Ndidi and Tielemens have to play in their best positions and build around that. This has hit Everton at home written all over it, rubbish 0-2 loss from a set piece and no attacking threat and Wilf out of position..

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25 minutes ago, SecretPro said:

Ridiculous comment. He clearly has the option to put out a stronger team with players in their proper positions. 

Go on. Elaborate.

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