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Burnley match thread - Wednesday 3rd March at 6pm

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3 minutes ago, Ric Flair said:

Can someone @ me when Tavares is on, I'm not watching this shit from the off

Around the 88th minute when we are 2-0 down 

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4 minutes ago, mazarron fox said:

So prey tell genius yours would be what it the circumstances some of the idiots on here make my blood boil. He’s Brendan Rodgers he’s tried to put a team out to do a job but hey ho you know best 

Not saying I know best but I’m allowed a different opinion 

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2 minutes ago, trabuch said:

I dreamt last night that we went one up in the 1st half, but Burnley scored in the 59th and 87th minute. (Boring dreams these days). If that happens I'll be pissed off and freaked out in equal measure.


Hate it when results get leaked

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1 minute ago, HighPeakFox said:

You are joining a growing club.

I’m your guilty pleasure. You not only comment constantly on whatever I say but you comment on other people messaging me indirectly. You need to start charging me rent as I’m living free in your head.


5 minutes ago, jammie82uk said:

These are the only “fit” players we have, who else have we got? 

I just told you a formation and personal that are with our fit players in a more ambitious formation.

Brendan has shat the bed and moved our best players out of position in YT and Wilf, played 2 extra DMs to protect an already negative 5 atb formation and persists with playing a nakard off form 34 year old burning him out when he’s just back from a groin injury.

Its shocking management and we have a 0 chance of winning tonight, how can we playing like that?

0-0 is his ambition so 0-0 would be the best we can get. 0-0 0-1 0-2 depending how good Burnley play.

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@BurnleyOfficial's Chris Wood has scored in his last 3 #PL outings former side Leicester The only player to score in consecutive #PL matches against a side they’ve previously played for in the competition is Craig Bellamy Newcastle between 2007 and 2011



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Not 1, not 2, but 3 CDM’s!! Hmmm... well, expectations are low but that’s usually a good thing when it comes to the Foxes... come on Leicester!

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19 minutes ago, volpeazzurro said:

It's only opinion I suppose. He's been tried before this season on the right wing and I just think he looks a bit lost and contributes little there. I think he's any absolute star in his correct position though.

I know what you mean, he doesn’t frequently take up positions off the ball where he can just turn and get a shot a way etc. 

You can see his natural tendency to wanna drop deeper and contribute in the link up play/defensive side of the game. Versatility is always a good asset for any player though, at least. 

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8 minutes ago, deanolegend1989 said:

If I got 1,000,000/1p I wouldn’t waste my 1 penny.


I wouldn’t play BOTH Hamza and Papy. I also wouldn’t put Ndidi at CB and Tielemens in the hole, both proven to be square pegs in round holes.



Castange Soyuncu Amarty Ricardo

         Ndidi Tielemens Hamza

Under                             Albrighton



Good balance, keeps our best players in the best position and gives us a chance to score.

We also rest Vardy for Brighton. He’s playing too much, he’s looking poor because he’s over played. Running people into the group doesn’t work.

I think he’s got it all wrong and we are literally hoping for 0-0 at best. I can see the injuries but he’s bottled it because arsenal beat us.

Burnley arnt arsenal, Burnley offer not as much threat. Being THAT defensive is playing into there hands.

When we lose tonight, you’ll get people saying ‘but it’s not his fault’ ‘but we have injuries’ he’s a messiah regardless what happens.

Nacho doesn't do well as a lone striker, Under is a myth as far as I'm concerned and you've got Albrighton who needs a rest just as much as Vardy playing on the wrong side.  Agree Tielemans is in the wrong role but we don't really have a fit, viable alternative, maybe with Iheanacho on the pitch he'll be a bit further back than in recent games, with Vardy or Nacho coming deeper.  After Prague I'm not sure Ndidi and Hamza is necessarily an improvement on Ndidi and Mendy, I think that one's much of a muchness tbh.  All in all Brendan's gone for a defensive formation which still has teeth, I'm not sure you've really done anything to improve that.

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