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6 minutes ago, urban.spaceman said:

Why are people now saying our business is now over?!!

Because we've had £80 million (less the percentage Hull took) in our bank for minutes now and we've not signed anyone! In the words of a certain Scottish member of the home guard "we're doomed!"

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1 hour ago, lcfcell said:

70 pages about something that isn’t happening, where did the 30m-50m winger rumour come from? 

It was started by the Mercury... we then signed Perez and people wouldn't let it drop. 

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34 minutes ago, Tanya said:

I'm not sure since it is completely at odds with the tidbids we have been told by ITK

Only one person on here has told us proper out of the blue transfer news of late and that was @Ashley. I'm sure there are others who get bits and bobs, that's clear as people like @Abrasive fox amongst others have given say stadium, kit, fixture info here and there over the years. But it's been so long since transfer news has been ITK territory on here that it's better off ignoring it. 

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So the window started great and we looked stronger than most teams we should be competing against.


We have got to this point and in reality we should just expect the same position as last season.


Our main rivals fighting for top 6 are much stronger.



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