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Our Internationals 2020/21

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11 minutes ago, Osavo said:

Seriously, what a shit team that is. How has Coady not been picked if we're playing a back 3, he's excellent at that sweeper role. Mount over Grealish is ridiculous, as is Trippier over Saka. I also thought we were done with the Walker at CB experiment, but clearly not. As someone else said, our team on Thursday night was genuinely stronger. 

Need walker’s pace with maguire and dier there 


7 minutes ago, Lesta Legend said:

I've totally lost any interest in the national team, while Barnes is at the beginning of his journey and at least he's actually been picked, the fact remains Grealish has been left out over Mount. I'm a Leicester fan through and through but Grealish should be in, I'm sure if he was a Chelsea player he'd be in.


I'll be tuning in to see how our boys get on. X

I’m sure that villa didn’t want grealish playing three times .....

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11 minutes ago, Farrington fox said:

Southgate has somethings in common with Boris Johnson. Both incompetent and both should be sacked off. 

Sorry but I bet even Boris Johnson would start Grealish and he also wouldn’t start 3 right backs and 2 DMs.


The only way we are going to be playing a positive attacking style of football is with a new manager and not Southgate.

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