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Leeds (Away) Match Thread - 02/11/2020

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5 minutes ago, 1964w said:

Our three Spanish international signings unavailable 


Rodrigo (Covid protocol)

Raphinha & Llorente both injured


Fortunately from a Leeds point of view Pablo Hernandez (class) replaces Rodrigo & our captain Liam Cooper returns

Good to hear from Leeds fans in the pre match thread but actual match thread is probably best avoided.


Haven't you got your own match thread on Leeds Chat or whatever it is?

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15 minutes ago, HighPeakFox said:

I find it almost impossible to moan when we are so injury ravaged. 

Give it a go, it's not impossible! 😱😂


The biggest up side is that we can't say we weren't forced to prepare ourselves with both injuries and that nasty first half against arsenal. 


Question is do we get the man city first half, or arsenal. 


I do feel calmer and more prepared for it this time though. 


Win this and we'll be talking about our excellent strength in depth and tactical genius in charge 🤐 (we will win it!) 

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20 minutes ago, StanSP said:



Justin - Fofana - Fuchs - Thomas




Praet - Tielemans


Albrighton - Vardy - Barnes


I don't think it is this either as it leaves us a bit exposed at the back plus surely Under would play instead of Albrighton in this shape?

Albrighton better at tracking back

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1 minute ago, Finnegan said:


I'm sorry but this is horse shit tbh. 


As a "tactics aficionado" you should know you defend collectively as a team, you don't play three, four or five defenders you play eleven. 


Defending isn't only what personnel are on the pitch it's the entire way you approach the match, it's how you set your shape, it's where the space is, it's how you press, it's how familiar the squad is with operating how you envisage. 


If we keep trying to park the bus and invite pressure with a "back five" that's made up of four full backs, a nitneen year old and a winger we're going to be inviting danger. 


Maddison and Under playing in a 4231 with Mendy and Tielemans shielding the back four not only gives you the protection to cover a centre back pairing of Morgan and the kid it also gives you the presence in the midfield and further up the pitch to actually retain possession and minimise their opportunities by doing so. 


Moreover, a typical 4231 set up to play "tiki taka" has typically worked defensively because of the even distribution of players all round the pitch ready to press and win it back. 


Like I said, I absolutely think it could work, I absolutely think we can probably shut Leeds out and get away with fluking a Vardy win on the counter, especially if Barnes is up for it. 


We might win this and Rodgers will be celebrated as a genius again (while this forum continues to call Nuno a flukey fraud) but its definitely not the only choice we have and I don't begrudge anyone being disappointed by it. 


  • 4 first choice defenders out injured along with Ndidi
  • Two games in a week with one against the biggest rivals in our European group
  • Tactics proven to have worked away from home twice already this season

Leeds have covered the most distance of any team in the league so far. Playing the pressing game against them with such a depleted squad is 100% not the way to go, and you know it.


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Imagine more injuries in defence.  Who would it be after Wes (assuming he is actually fit).  It seems like we are a hair's breadth away from playing Slim at CB.


Let's go easy on them tonight.  This team is absolutely decimated.  

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1 minute ago, deanolegend1989 said:

With that team we’re going to be smashed. Boring watch of us defending and wishing the clock down hoping we somehow knick a counter attack,

If Leeds score first turn the lights out. Leeds will run us ragged I think.

Mendy should keep us ticking and provide the cover we need :ph34r:

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19 minutes ago, Cujek said:

Let's ****ing AVE en, dirty northern bastards.


We all hate Leeds we all hate Leeds, they will be crying into their hovis.


And all that.

Yorkshire, your shit, Yorkshire, your shit. 


Yeboah, ya willy puller, yeboah, ya willy puller. 


Being it on lethal! 

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