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15 minutes ago, rn9013 said:

I have to say it was nice to read this on a day like today. It’s nice to know some form of good has come from such a horrible tragedy. 


Best of luck going forward with building bridges with your parents mate. 

Thanks mate, sad that it takes such an unfortunate event to realise how precious life is.

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Just now, Farrington fox said:

Most likely league 1 or 2. To this football club the man is a legend. And always will be. 

So true in so many ways not just for football but  also for what he does within the community! 


I’m so sad over this and I’ve never met him in person so just imagine how his family must feel ?

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10 minutes ago, Peckfortonfox said:

I suffer with depression and anxiety. Our football club is invaluable to me, it's pulls me through bad times and give me something positive to focus on.
Vichai is such and wonderful man, the support he has given to our club is incredible. I feel like he is a family member not just an owner of our club. I am like so many other really feeling this 
I am devastated, ?

Same for me, I was in a seriously dark place during the 15/16 season, flunked out of uni, no prospects and had started to give up on myself. I think our performances were what spurred me on to continue, providing real world proof that I could overcome and beat my doubts and doubters.


For that, I have a hell of a lot to thank Vichai for.

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Guest seanfox778

I can't believe this has happened, still. Vichai is a wonderful man. I can't imagine what the families of everyone on board must be feeling. 

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Such a tragic end, lovely man who you couldn't say a bad word about. Brought some wonderful memories to this club! The last eight years has been an amazing roller coast ride for us Leicester fans, all down to him. It's sad think he'll never be sitting in the stands again. No doubt the best chairman anyone could wish for at a football club.


Thank You Vichai, R.I.P

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How easily I forgot how much the man did for the city. My initial thoughts were of course making the miracle a reality but when you consider the charity donations, saving our club etc, its difficult to put into words how much he has contributed to our community as well as how many people he’s helped.


A truly wonderful human being and thoroughly deserves the recognition he is receiving. 

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