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All the best to everyone who is taking this hard. I've been reading every post in this thread since about 10AM this morning but now I need to go and spend time with my wife (well, when the roast is ready)


Someone posted a telephone number to the Samaritans earlier in this thread and I urge anyone who thinks they need to talk to call them.


It sounds silly and desperate to be calling them. For me... this has raised some feelings from my mothers death which I still haven't come to terms with 5 years after the event. I'm OK, but i can easily see how a shock event can trigger feelings you thought were subsiding and gone. So give them a call...


I hope we all get confirmation soon so we can put the speculation to bed, pay our respects let the poor people rest in peace.


Love to all.

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3 hours ago, ElusiveEd said:

I'd also like to see the graffiti artist do his magic somewhere close by. His detailing was incredible with Ranieri and I'm sure a memorial one of Vichai would be something to consider but, I agree, a statue would be very poignant.


I'm in Boston Massachusetts right now but am going to fly back tomorrow night and drive up when I land on Tuesday morning to lay some flowers but I need to head back here on Wed morning. I just feel I need to show my respects, love and thanks to a truly humble, respectable, kind, generous human being who gave me days and dreams I never thought I'd ever see.


Genuinely gutted on this sad sad day.


Richard Wilson was the guy.


i went to The Champions Wall after I visited the ground.


It felt a shame there was no obvious way to add another face to the wall - or that he wasn’t on there in the first place.


But that didn’t stop me sending him a message via his Facebook page to ask if it might be possible.


I also suspect the thought may have occurred to him too today.

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11 minutes ago, Emily-Rose said:

As a Forest fan I never thought I would ever be compelled to sign up to a Leicester forum. 


I watched with a tinge of envy and a great deal of admiration for what Vichai did for your club, delivering an impossible dream and from stories I’ve heard about the man, being an absolutely wonderful gentleman to boot. 


When i I heard the news last night I was getting ready for a party, and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  I cried and prayed for another impossible miracle. 


Football rivalry means absolutely nothing at a time like this. We are a community, a family, and at this moment in time we are all Leicester. 


Love and condolences to Vichai, his family, friends and to each and everyone of you as well ??


 I can only tune in now and again but it was worth it to see your post ...   very humbling and so much appreciated ...  

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Can't get to Leicester to pay my respects but this forum has been a godsend since last night's awful tragedy, just to feel there's somewhere to share this feeling of utter sadness.


Thank you all for your posts which have helped me and I am sure countless others. Still can't believe it. Heartfelt condolences to all affected and devastated by this. Of course, we mourn for our wonderful owner and his family and friends, and hopefully we can somehow go forward. But also our thoughts will be with the others on board and their kith and kin.


Diolch Vichai, Ymlaen Foxes

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1 minute ago, danny2997 said:

I've been wanting to go down to the KP all day, but so far I've not been able to summon the energy. The whole ordeal has left me feeling so low, I can't even imagine how the family feels.


If you can muster the energy, it’s worth it - it may feel like a small token of nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it will give you a bit of focused energy for a while.


Plus, as I imagine you realise - you’d regret it if you don’t go down.


There’s no rush to do it right now - take the time you need for it to feel right - but felt a gentle push might help. 

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3 minutes ago, FoxInTheBirstallBox said:

Not hoping to scaremonger people, but had anyone seen anything about Susan????

There's been a report that the helicopter was going to Luton Airport for a connecting flight to Thailand... Hopefully she wouldn't have had a reason to be on it...

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1 minute ago, NewquayFox said:

Has their been an official announcement as to who lost their life’s in this tragedy....

No nothing. I do think the silence surrounding this from both the club and the authorities is quite odd. I’m sure there are reasons but I would have expected confirmation of fatalities or something similar even if they can’t provide exact details/identities. It just seems unusual. 



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