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Gray, wonder what Brendan thinks?

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It's decision time, we all know at times Demari is brilliant, but wrong decisons and a little selfishness is  massively holding the kid back.

I think Demari's future, and chance to become a really great player, is how our manager see's him.

Does he think he is worth persevering with, or is he a lost cause?, its a big call come season end for all concerned.

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2 minutes ago, Tuna said:



You wouldn't even have him on the bench?

No, because he doesn't offer enough even when coming on as a sub. We'd get a decent amount of £ for him which we could use more productively. 


IMO the bench is not a home for players, it's where players just outside the best 11 for a particular game sit, who can potentially come on and make a difference.

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I've been quiet and patient with Gray unlike I have with other players in the past (That have gone on to prove me wrong) because I liked Gray when we signed him, he was someone I was wishing we'd sign for a year or two before we did sign him, so I have a little extra bias towards him and want him to be a success for us (as I do with all players we sign, obviously) but it is getting to the stage where what do we do with him, start asking questions about his progression.

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The thing with footballers is they dont all learn and can be coached. Some have obvious ability but you question their heads as they cant kick on. Im starting to seriously worry about Demerai isnt one of those who doesnt learn. He makes so many silly decisions for someone who could be so good it sometimes hurts watching him LOL. He is 23 in a month or too and now has Brendan Rodgers who apparently is an amazing coach who gets the best out of players. Lets hope BR works his magic because Demerai still is of an age where he can improve.

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He’ll be dropped soon enough. Just waiting to see how long it’ll take.

Always starts out like this under a new manager, gets a run of a few starts initially then gets dropped.


I said I’d take £20m two summers ago, just before Bournemouth offered the £25m that we turned down. We say the same thing every season... time to step up, grab his chance, show what he’s about etc... we’ve been saying it for years, even back when AFCON was still in January, and he was meant to step up while Riyad was away... Bottom line is, his numbers are just nowhere near good enough. His numbers in the Championship when we bought him weren’t great either, nowhere near Barnes/Madders. His attitude has improved this year, but unfortunately the end product hasn’t.

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