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Aus Fox

Premier League Thread 2019/20

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1 minute ago, Md9 said:

Marco silva must be under pressure now even tho it’s early in the season 

He really could be in trouble. Fat Sam could be returning soon!


These are must win matches for a team aspiring for a European place.

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1 minute ago, Happy Fox said:

Everton are shilo, lovely to see. Thought they could nab Vardy from us! lol

I saw one of them say they should've taken Ndidi off of us to replace Gueye lol

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13 minutes ago, Paninistickers said:

They're shocking. They'll go the way of Hull or Blackpool who had decent starts before collapsing.


At best, as you say, they'll fluke survival like Huddersfield did before suffering humiliation


Thought I'd heard the last of this '38 game fluke' bollocks when we won the Prem.

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19 hours ago, Finnegan said:

I'm sorry but my tinfoil hat is going on. 


I almost honestly believe the FA are deliberately ****ing up VAR so they can get rid of it without people complaining and go back to giving Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool free wins. 


This is getting bullshit. Stop using VAR to justify and vindicate your ****ing shit refs and actually use it like it should be used. 


I love video technology I really do. You all know I'm a rugby nerd, earlier today Nigel Owens (best ref in any sport on the planet) gave an on field decision as try. That's on field decision. Now, in the FA world, that means there's got to be an objective clear and obvious reason to over turn it. But because Rugby isn't retarded, the TMO watched it back and realised that there was a very good chance the player was out of control and had knocked on. 


It wasn't clear and obvious, at full speed it actually looked somewhat controversial. But they slowed it down frame by frame and came to the correct decision that Nigel and his touch judge were wrong. So they talked it out between them, turned it over and even though it meant upsetting the host nation in the opening game, the try was ruled out. 


So why the flaming **** can a Premier league VAR not overrule an incorrect ref decision unless there's some objectively obvious cheating going on somehow? 


That's OBVIOUSLY a penalty. The defender doesn't touch the ball and totally tangles up the strikers legs. So give it for christ sakes.


This is nothing to do with VAR being shit or technology being shit this is just our FA being ****ing inept or corrupt or retarded, delete as appropriate, with how they choose to implement it. 


Apologies for my passion I'm half cut but **** me I'd stand by this bizarrely sweary rant sober. 


Spot on Finners. I agree with all of this 

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