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Liverpool (a) - Match Thread

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Just now, easilee said:

I don't recognize this team ?


Not sure they recognise each other either on this basis. There has been an international break....and they do say footballers aren't the brightest.

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1 minute ago, Les-TA-Jon said:

You’re argument seems to be that single games define seasons, not runs of actual performances and results. 

When we last lost, this season, we responded with 6 wins in a row. 

Single games set the tone for winning things. Again I’m not arsed because I never expect my team to win anything. But this side doesn’t get a cup this year until it grows minerals.


Do you disagree with that? 

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Just now, Walkers said:

Turned off ages ago and I cant quite make out whats just happened with all the WTF's and laughing? Enlighten me?

Somehow it's not 7-0 to Liverpool 

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