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Would you swap Messi for Vardy

Would you swap Messi for Vardy?   

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  1. 1. Would you swap Messi for Vardy

    • Yes
    • Never

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I often find myself struggling to improve my teams on footy manager as I feel a loyalty to my players. 

So one of the toughest questions for all Leicester fans, if Barca proposed a swap deal for our two lords... would you do it? 


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Never really understood the obsession some people have with the "GOATS". I always found the discussion exceptionally boring. I appreciate Ronaldo and Messi are great players but as they don't play for Leicester City my interest in them is extremely low. I much prefer unlikelier heroes anyway. Vardy all the way for me.

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In Football Manager yes, in real life no.


Unfortunately FM just doesn't accurately enough portray most players; and Vardy ingame drops stats like a leaky pipe due to his age, even though there has been no sign of that in reality.


I am three seasons in, in FM 21. Leicester 2 points off the title first season, won the next year; second again the year after.


Recommend Origi, Ikone, Tah, Donnarumma (expensive), Aouar and Calhanoglu. (Camavinga and Leaea is pretty good 3 years in too)

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44 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

On the day of  a game after a two week international break?  Seriously???

I had to get it in before the game. If he had a bad game some on here would be calling for him to be replaced by Demarai Gray lol

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Yeah, I hate it, but the fact is that the resulting exposure for the club would make a massive impact in the minds of potential future signings/replacements, even more so than the new training ground. Income from selling shirts etc to bandwagon jumpers (some of which would stay for good) would be pretty huge as well. It'd be a shortcut to becoming an established 'big club'.


If we are considering purely footballing reasons, I'm not that bothered either way. He might be a disruptive character but he would also let us keep our other stars for longer. 


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