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LCFC vs Slavia Prague (2nd Leg) - Match Thread - 25/02/2021

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Just now, BigGibbo said:

I wish we were playing like we understood we need two goals. Got a 1-1 loss written all over it at the minute. Liven the f**k up.

Optimist thinking we'll score. 


How has he got through there... 

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1 minute ago, StanSP said:

Not sure what was worse. The ref giving that free kick to them or McManaman saying 'there's not much in that' lol


McManaman could do with laying off the paint thinner, especially when he's on the job.

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7 minutes ago, Finnegan said:

We really miss our attacking full backs when they don't play. 


It doesn't exactly help that Hamza has barely crossed the half way either. He needs to do more to get forward. 


We basically have no bodies attacking beyond the front three and Albrighton is limited enough as it is. Its not enough. 


Tielemans needs more to aim at. 

Couldn't agree more. I think we'll have to grind this one out.

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This is like watching a bad comedy. It's painful to laugh but thats all we can do. Our players get fouled and their man drops every time. Are euro refs really that daft?

Just want 1 goal to change the dynamic here otherwise its just torture. We can't drop dow to their level and style of play.

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Just now, goody2028 said:

McSniffyman still his usual ‘Leicester have to do better’ self on commentary then 

He's not wrong though to be fair.

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