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The City shirts on holiday thread 2019

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School holidays kick in next week. So the rush starts to get away (well, for parents of school age kids, anyway)....and I still get child like glee to see a City kit in foreign climes.


Last year I saw a Dutch lad wearing a City kit in Croatia. I was buzzed all holiday after that.



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Not wearing shirts but I was away in Murcia when we played Copenhagen at home in the champions league, sat in a small bar, my family, a couple of friends and few other people dotted around. When we scored I jumped with my kids up and another dad and his lad jumped up near me. Satisfied proud grins shared and that little corner of the bar became Leicester for the evening. 

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Walking past (not inside) the New York supreme court building last year, my lad had on his away shirt and we said hello to a bloke wearing the home shirt. Always fun. This year we are doing a four Capital, Eastern European tour so will hope to bump in to a few of ours.

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Story I'll always cherish. I remember going on holiday to the US as a kid and wore my then championship Alliance & Leicester top on the flight. Got to the security desk and the guy was starting at it so baffled, asking me where the hell Leicester was. I also had my name printed on the back and he was like "is that your famous player" lol


Roll forward some years.The summer we won the title, we went on holiday to Mexico. While waiting to check in at the hotel, we were talking to an American couple behind us. As soon as we mentioned we're from Leicester, their faces just lit up - "wait you're from THE Leicester? the 5000-1 Champions". While congratulating us and shaking our hands.


That really brought it home how far we've come and been put on the map.

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