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Match Ratings: Southampton 0-9 Leicester City - Vote Now

Southampton 0-9 Leicester City

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  1. 8.9

    Total Average Rating

    187 votes
  2. Highest Rated Player

    Ayoze Pérez 9.7
  3. Lowest Rated Player

    Demarai Gray Substitute 7.9
  4. Manager Confidence 99% +2%

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Season: 2019/20
Voting Starts: 25/10/19
Voting Ends: 28/10/19

  1. Kasper Schmeichel
  2. Ricardo Pereira
  3. Jonny Evans
  4. Caglar Soyuncu
  5. Ben Chilwell
  6. Wilfred Ndidi
  7. Ayoze Pérez
  8. Youri Tielemans
  9. James Maddison
  10. Harvey Barnes
  11. Jamie Vardy
  12. Marc Albrighton (sub)
  13. Demarai Gray (sub)

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All 10s from me, I honestly can't believe when just won 9 0 away that people would actually rate the players less than 10, talk about jobsworths 😁 

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Wes could have been subbed on and shown a red card within 30 seconds for two-footing the referee and he'd still get a 10 from me on this night.

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  1. Kasper Schmeichel NEIN
  2. Ricardo Pereira NEIN :scarf:
  3. Jonny Evans NEIN
  4. Caglar Soyuncu NEIN
  5. Ben Chilwell NEIN
  6. Wilfred Ndidi NEIN
  7. Ayoze Pérez NEIN :banana:
  8. Youri Tielemans NEIN
  9. James Maddison NEIN
  10. Harvey Barnes NEIN :appl:
  11. Jamie Vardy NEIN!!!!!!!! :teehee:
  12. Marc Albrighton (sub) NEIN
  13. Demarai Gray (sub) NEIN
  14. Brendan Rodgers TEN
  15. Southampton :tumbleweed:


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2 hours ago, FoxinNotts said:

Nines all round

I'd love to hear what they have to do for them to get a 10 off ya! 25-0 and a date with each WAG? 

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Youri the closest to perfection for me - and to think some doubted him after the first four/five games of the season. Last night saw the entire orchestra put in a finely tuned performance, but Youri as conductor was just amazing.


Pleased to see I've brought a few average scores down - Perez 9.8 FFS! - from an understandably giddy group of FT posters!

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11 hours ago, dmayne7 said:

And Sky still manage to give our players 5's and 6's. Only slightly ahead of their 4's lol:frusty: 


Idiots. I thought Rick was fantastic and Kasper had two very good saves in the late part of the game when we were 7 up or something around that number lol which prevented this from ending 2-9 or at least 1-9 lol He didn't deserve 6 let alone 5 ! :mad:

I still cannot believe it happed absolute madness!!! Southampton forum is the deepest pit of despair right now


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Understandably the votes on here are very high, and you certainly can't argue with a 9-0 win away from home in a P/L match. Taking into account an utterly dire Southampton set up we have to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, otherwise we'll all be moaning like crazy if we lose to Burton or Palace! It makes me even madder to think we lost 1-0 to a terrible Man Utd side, and if we'd shown the same drive there as we did last night we'd be sitting on 23 points now.


Kasper -8- In really horrible conditions his handling was good and made a decent save too.


Ricardo -8- Some great driving runs on the right and linked up well with Perez.

Evans -8- Didn't give them anything.

Soyuncu -8- Apart from giving away a free kick in a dangerous position he was solid again.

Chilwell -9- MOTM for me. Not for the goal, but his link up play with Barnes, and his crossing was so much better last night. Keep it up Ben!


Ndidi -8- Did what Ndidi does. Such a brilliant player, often so underrated by the opposition.


Perez -9- Three well taken goals and some great link up play with Ricardo.

Tielemans -9- A really classy performance.

Maddison -8- Fantastic free kick, some lovely passes and touches and excellent work rate.

Barnes -9- By far his best game for us, and much better link up play with Chilwell.


Vardy -9- Only 9 for scoring a hat trick? His hunger and drive to succeed is a lesson for every single person in life. Superb first goal too.


Albrighton -6- Did nothing wrong, but game was over when he came on.

Gray -6- Like Albrighton, did nothing wrong and some nice touches too.


BR -9- Set us up very well and we played hard straight from the kick off. I thought he should play Albrighton in front of Chilwell, but he proved right to persist with Barnes who was superb last night. Good to see him driving us on when we were winning so easily too.


Southampton -2- Truly dire. It's going to be a long season for them. But they have better players than several and may be OK if they can get their act together. Otherwise it's relegation.


Officials -7- On a dreadful night I thought they let the game flow well. Correct red card decision.





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If i'm taking my blue spectacles off Kasper and the defence don't get 10's as they had a very easy evening after the sending off. 10's for Chilwell, Vardy and Perez, 9's for Barnes, Tealemons and Ndidi.  


Personally thought that was the best game Chilly has played for us, hopefully he will take confidence from this game and aim to put more crosses in going forwards. 

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