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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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1 hour ago, Tuna said:

"Second half coming up next".


She said that before the last advert break lol

What is all that about? They do that regularly, go for a break after the half ends, come back and talk about the game so far, go for a break, come back for like 30 seconds and go for another break?

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2 minutes ago, Sir Shep said:

You know what, I hope in years to come people remember how good Maguire was for us rather than rubbing themselves silly over every little thing he does now. 

I don't revel in his failure. It doesn't really bother me. But he really wasn't very good for us for 18 of the 24 months he was here.

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I dont like Liverpool but that challenge by Pickford is about 3 reds in 1. I dont understand why keepers make such terrible tackles. Would you want someone to do the same to your own players? Should be forced to miss the same amount of time as VVD. Dirty cvnt.

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