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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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"Wot can yer say abow Diego Shotta?" enquires Macca. Well, getting his ****ing name right would be a start. Then complains about a Brighton player being clattered and getting a free-kick- "Howshat a farl, Fletch?"


And White gets booked for a perfectly timed and clean tackle. Thankfully the goal was ruled out following it.

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**** off Walton with that "high Bar" shit, funny that never gets mentioned unless its one of BT Sports beloved big 6 teams on the receiving end. Robertson kicked a player and got nothing on the ball. It's a foul.

Edited by orangecity23
Corrected top 6 to big 6, as big 6 is nothing to do with where they actually finish in the league.
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