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Championship - 2020/2021

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Feel for Wycombe, I think their only hope would have been to turn Adams Park into a mini fortress had crowds been allowed in and make it a really awkward place to play. 


Now it will seem like a bit of a training session for the majority of Championship clubs. 


Hope I'm proven wrong

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On 25/09/2020 at 23:55, Blue Fox 72 said:

Ginger Pirlo :crylaugh:


The level of delusion amongst their fans is incredible.



Hahahahahahahahah that headline has genuinely made me laugh out loud. They're absolutely dusted.

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Lamouchi will be gone soon. Forest's dodgy owner is trigger-happy at the best of times. 


They'll get somebody in, have a brief uplift in results, resort to being average, then tail off to poor towards the end of the season. 19th place.


They'll then spend next summer buying crap players, and their fans will be telling everybody how they've got the best squad in the Championship and how they're going to barnstorm the 21/22 season. Spoiler: they won't.

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1 hour ago, RonnieTodger said:

Callum Paterson joined Sheffield Wednesday. Just read that he's 25 and my head's fallen off


Even younger when these pictures were taken





lol I was amazed last year when I learnt Mitrovic was only 25.

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