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9 minutes ago, Corky said:

Difficult to plot a route really with 8 Champions League teams dropping in. I presume finishing top of the group means you avoid those in the next round and you get a second placed team from another group?

Top 4 best 2nd place finishers we'll avoid if we finish top of the group.

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10 minutes ago, Spudulike said:

Can we draw another English club in the next round? 

Next round (round of 32) works on seedings and you can't draw a team of the same nation


The round after that (round of 16) there are no seedings or country rules so you can draw anyone

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I have always wanted to see us take on one of the real European giants in a proper competitive tie. E.g. Real Madrid, Barca, Juve, Bayern, etc.


There is a chance that any one of Real, Inter or Ajax could drop into the EL knockout rounds, with AC Milan already in the competition.


Bring it on, although I appreciate that it will not be quite the same if fans are not allowed in the grounds.

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So currently in third place in their Champions League groups at the half way stage are:

Locomotive Moscow

Real Madrid





Dynamo Kiev



All may change but could be some huge teams joining us in the next round.

Only 4 teams have made it to the half way stage of the Europa League with a 100% record: Arsenal, Villarreal, Hoffenhiem and some team from the middle of England playing some sexy football.


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On 05/11/2020 at 23:43, KingsX said:

PSG sitting third in their CL group, with a 47% chance of dropping down, are fivethirtyeight's current favorite to win the Europa.



Real Sociedad seems a bit left field in that table. Wonder why they're rated as more probable winners than a recent finalist.

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5 minutes ago, Paddy. said:

Random shout I know but I really like Danny Simpson and Steve Sidwell as pundits and I generally can't stand pundits.

Simmo is a bit wooden, Sidwell is very good though.

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4 minutes ago, Webbo said:

Simmo is a bit wooden, Sidwell is very good though.

Comes with experience though, witness whenever Ashley Cole is there to cover Chelsea/Arsenal games. They'll get better with more appearances... just like when they played the game itself  :)


Nice to have someone on our side apart from the boy Loineker and Manish as well

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