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21 hours ago, Vlad the Fox said:

They used to be all over social media a few years back ‘lads’ goading him to perform for them while they filmed it all for their lols and social media likes. Clearly taking advantage of someone who wasn’t well. 

Welcome to the youth of today. Bring back national service, that’d sort em out 

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25 minutes ago, bmouth_fox said:

If only I’d have had the opportunity. And my 3 month stint in the beavers doesn’t count! 

Not sure I'd class mandatory conscription as an "opportunity" but hey ho - the main thing is Bernie's OK at the minute.

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On 22/12/2020 at 17:16, KFS said:

Some of you are right knobbers you know. Unfunny jokes, boomer comments, this forum’s got the lot hasn’t it?


Glad he’s doing well and being looked after.

Even someone living in England and using the word “Boomer”. It really does have it all! 


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On 21/12/2020 at 11:25, stripeyfox said:

I've seen plenty of "yoofs" taking the piss out of him over the years and have seen some prettty unplesant videos of people goading him into one of his "outbursts"


Nice to see he is being cared for.


Didn't someone dig out and old programme feature from the 70's when he was featured and there was a picture of him as a smartly dressed, young man?



It was in a Man Utd home programme when they used to have a fan of the week article I think he used to be an accountant might have a copy of the programme will have to have a look.

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