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Palace Away Pre-Match thread

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25 minutes ago, gw_leics772 said:

Reading the 2 in bold, for somebody so confident in one's assertions, you really are a bit of a donut aren't you.


Forget the 6 pointer because games against mid table also rans are more important? Except for the fact we are now above man u still with as good a chance as.any of beating palace.


Obviously assuming br goes with your superior line of thought than the crap the others are putting out.


It's all about opinions, but considering you think yours is so obviously superior, it ain't half easy to pick holes in this shite.



Yeah if we want top 4 vs the likes of Everton , Villa etc then Palace and Newcastle are the games we need to be winning.

Whats the point of winning 4 points from those 2 to then give away 3 points vs a Palace team who are currently shocking and just got hammered vs a 10 man Villa team.

Our best 11 will win 9/10 times but if we rotate too much we will not win.


I don’t get the ‘seeing as I think mine is superior’ .. what’s that even mean? I say what I think is right.

Do you not say things you really mean then?


Happy to be proven wrong because all I care about is us winning but rotating in football is in the past. Most teams now are competitive and any team that’s slightly below strength is a huge disadvantage.

If Utd played a bottom half team without rashford martial and Fernandes they would struggle. Liverpool without Mane Firminho and Salah, they struggle.

What makes most fans think we can just drop Tielemens Vardy and Ndidi and think we will still beat Palace?


We need to play close to our best 11, most of our squad are young and it’s no excuse to not be able to at least start and play 55-65 mins and get rotated if we’re in a strong position.

Vardy and Evans need help and rotation but Wilf and Tielemens at 23 years old?

Just going to all be moaning Monday evening wondering why we turn up against Spurs and Utd but don’t vs Palace when the reality will be we turn up all the time but don’t lack the quality of squad to treat palace like a joke.


We are a level above Palace because we have a mix of players with a few more quality pieces Take that away and we’re the same level. It’s not brain surgery.

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Vardy, Maddison and Barnes must play  in this one! Palace defence can be ran ragged - Dann is a top defender but lacks pace and Kouyate is just crap. Conceded 10 goals in last 2 home games. If we go for the jugular we will win big-style. If we faff around with a defensive line up we will lose to a jammy goal from Benteke !!!!

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49 minutes ago, SuperMike said:

The way how results have gone we could go as low as ninth - so that makes this a must-win game !!!!!

Not exactly. A draw ensures we can fall no lower than 6th.

And in the unlikely event we lose while teams below us win, no lower than 8th since Villa and Chelsea play each other.


Of course, what we hope for is to win while all others lose! lol

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On 26/12/2020 at 21:37, Gazza M said:

There is a few days off after this one so not so sure it will be 9 changes like West Ham away last year. I would go: 



 Justin    Evans   Cags   Thomas

                Mendy   Praet

    Under      Perez       Barnes


I think you're right about not being wholesale changes, and also it's almost a whole week til the newcastle game.


I trust the sports science guys and could understand vardy being on the bench but wonder if his new role allows him the energy for this kind of turnaround time. Would be interested in his running stats, distance etc vs others but I really like this team under the circumstances.


My big hope would be that ndidi would be ok for this instead of Mendy.


After newcastle it's the fa cup game and that is definitely the time for wholesale changes (as much as we want it to complete the set) giving 2 weeks off which is not far off our last pre season.

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6 minutes ago, foxfanazer said:

No unnecessary changes. Don't see how this game is any less important than the next one

I do understand you said unnecessary, but putting some of our players out who might be at 70-80% after playing Boxing Day will leave us short vs Palace and then they’ll be absolutely knackered for Newcastle. I can’t see many who played vs Man Utd being completely ready to play tomorrow. It’s a tricky one for Rodgers and will take some good squad management to navigate the next couple of games. 

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23 minutes ago, Fightforever said:


Albrighton Perez Under

Mendy Praet

Thomas Soyuncu Fofana Amartey



Keep the first team fit for the next team. No need to cause any injuries.

That team has 'loss' written all over it!..,Under is injured for a start.. Mendy and Praet together in midfield 😂😂😂😂..

Play this team and all benefits of winning at Spurs and drawing with Manure are wasted!

Play the strongest team we have and go to win the bloody game!!

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17 minutes ago, majaco said:


Whitworth, Rofe, Evans, Soyuncu


Praet, Choudhury

Cenghis, Iheanacho, Gray


Maybe Perez for Gray

Wallington may not be fit

Perhaps Justin for Whitworth and Fuchs (or Thomas) for Rofe




Actually think Larry May has recovered from injury and definately deserves a place. Junior Lewis on the bench, too.

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Definitely not a game to seeing this would be a stone wall three points as Palace could be a banana skin for us, Palace have their ups and downs and they can put in a decent performance so Our lads need to go into this one not thinking that it’s an easy game.


Would like to see us winning this one 0-3 if not more if Vardy can get those scoring boots going again following his amazing strike to secure the three points against Man United, maybe give Vardy the first half down the middle and then maybe Pérez Vardy if we are winning soundly to give him some gametime.


Onwards and upwards💙🦊



      Evans       Cags         Fofana 


justin                                  Castagne 




Ünder                                Barnes


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