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Post Match Thread - Man City (A)

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5 minutes ago, Parafox said:

Yet there's been those on here that have slagged him off. When you say "all season" though, we're only 3 games in.

I Keep repeating..this forum cant Pick a player...15years of blah,blau cant do this,cant do that..!!

Never learnt..from recent history

Morgan,Vardy,Mahrez Ricardo, Chilwell,Soyuncu in the last few years..!!


First encourage,before going on rants, discussing your own players..!!

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2 minutes ago, ttfn said:

You’ve gone peak Finnegan here, Vardy has scored one of the best backheeled goals you’ll see and your favourite part is the left back pressing?!




I mean obviously not literally. The run and finish is superb. The cross is great. 


But I did love that press from JJ

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I think part of the early frustration came from the fact we were clearly set up to negate them and restrict their chances but we went down within a few minutes, which made that entire gameplan seem redundant. We also showed no sign of beating the press and getting forward which was frustrating but as soon as we did we were devastating, and it was easier to press higher second half when they couldn’t afford to be as patient.

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3 minutes ago, Guest said:

Yes, I hope one day he can see the game as clearly as you do. Why don't you give it a rest just this once?

Firstly, so do I.


Secondly, as the season goes on provided we play a different game to last season I will, don't you worry, but 3 games in, i'll still compare.

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35 minutes ago, StriderHiryu said:



This is one of the best team goals we've ever scored.


  • High Press
  • Amartey steps up and heads it back to a man
  • Wonderful interplay between the Belgians (Notice the off the ball work Praet does to make space for his teammates)
  • Tielemans amazing pass with his "weaker" foot.
  • Incredible surge and cross from Castagne
  • Wonderful finish from the GOAT



Castagne was into my fantasy team seconds after that. Glorious stuff.

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