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Caglar Soyuncu emerges as new cult hero at Leicester City

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2 minutes ago, pmcla26 said:

Sensible game management from the referee would’ve been a yellow card for both him and Wilson. 

That’s the price you pay for a moment of stupidity, though.

Nah that's a red, can't go booting people when the going gets tough... S***  happens, he'll learn from it I'm sure 

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2 minutes ago, hejammy said:

To be honest, it shows a bit of passion and shows he cares, which is more than what we can say about some of them. Not condoning what he did, it's naive and stupid. But still he wants to win! 

Kicking a player like that is idiocy and nothing else. If he cared about the team he would focus on not flying into most challenges like a lunatic. I started to feel more and more uncomfortable with his performances as the weeks rolled by post Christmas, and post lockdown he’s been crap. And today, just ticked me off that last bit. I don’t want players at the club who do stupid things like that, it’s the kind of shit you saw Joey Barton do......

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Just now, st albans fox said:

Does that show he cares?  Kicking out at an opponent like that shows he’s just dumb ...... 

He did that through frustration not because he wanted to hurt the guy or just randomly? Like I said, i don't want to condone that cause its wrong, but he has passion and wants to win. He was pissed about being sent off. Some of our players were laughing and joking after a defeat to Chelsea remember? 

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3 minutes ago, Ian Nacho said:

You're kidding yourself if you don't think that's a stonewall red. 

I’m not saying the ref was completely wrong, it’s the law. Maybe I’m slightly biased and seeing it from a lenient view but I don’t think there would have been uproar considering Wilson provoked him - there’s no reason to push him to grab the ball, it’s not like there chasing a goal in the last ten minutes. 

Like I said though, it was a stupid decision and that’s the price you pay. 

@StanSP @J.Lisemore

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2 minutes ago, Walkers said:

Benalouane with a Cruyff turn lol don't agree but made me chuckle

Anyone remember Benalouane and his beastly 2 footer in that pre-season friendly when he got immediately subbed? lol


Have to say the comparisons between the two are ridiculous haha.

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He’s let himself and the team down tonight but I doubt there’s anyone more annoyed about it than him. He’s hot headed and he cares, not the best combo when you’re a defender but Steve Walsh was like that and he was a legend. I‘m a Cags fangirl but I hope he’s had his ass fined, although I guess sitting on that coach for 3 odd hours with the others would be punishment enough. 

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1 minute ago, SouthStandUpperTier said:

The goal and sending off could have been avoided if he'd have gone to cut off Solanke's route to goal. Where the hell was he backing off to?

What on earth was he doing???? 
he’s not been good for a few weeks now. Looks to have lost all confidence.

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