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Caglar Soyuncu emerges as new cult hero at Leicester City

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1 minute ago, Paddy. said:

"He’s been a bit rash in the past but he has many of the same attributes I had when I was young, and I think he’s given himself a tremendous start.”


Think Gerry is rewriting history a bit here lol





I thought the exact same 

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1 hour ago, Walkers said:

Until tomorrow when he has a stinker and his ability is questioned

Not a stinker just one minuscule mistake at which half the board will chastise Rodgers for not getting Dunk Ake etc. or we should never have let Maguire go. The more things change the more they stay the same.:)

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1 hour ago, Corky said:

He will make mistakes but I don't think he's a huge drop down in quality from Maguire. We need him next to Evans for a while to settle him in.

Exactly that. When Walshy first came here he was so raw he was a liability but obviously possessed the talent. A year at the side of Russell Osman who been there and got the t-shirt and he didn’t turn out too shabby for us.

every youngster, especially in that position needs the guidance of an old head sometimes to show them the little tricks of the trade. 

I do believe from what I have seen of him that in the fullness of time it may just turn out that we have another real gem on our hands here. Early days but who knows

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‘Cult hero’ is obviously a bit much, but he did have a good game against Wolves. 


The main advantage he has over Maguire is pace, and he passes the ball out quite quickly from the back instead of making pointless forays into midfield. 


However his heading isn’t as good, his positioning is a bit iffy and he has more mistakes in him. 


He will benefit from more game time alongside Evans though. 

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