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19 minutes ago, Ric Flair said:

This is for all the heroes who have lived the roller coaster of this saga and thread for the last few months, this is our time. Enjoy it, revel in it. This is what we're in this game for.


Out of respect for Lee Congerton, Jon Rudkin, Brendan and Little Top and all the people who gave us these times
And to the French mob, I stick my middle finger up
With regards to the Claude Puel justice system
For all the heroes out and on the way
We all sing


Fvck me Ric, this had my heart beating out my chest, chanting Amen, and then telling my Mrs to get upstairs because tonights the nights that babies are made!!! 


Permission to call my first born Flair? lol

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5 minutes ago, Brenfox said:

I won't believe it until the club post a picture of a black & white stripe top with a Beret & some Onions under the floodlights. 

I doubt the club would succumb to such racial stereotypes. 






They'll probably just picture him shitting himself in front of a load of  Germans. 

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Outside of.... 


“Good we need a centre back” and “bloody hell thats a lot of money for someone with his experience”. It’s hard to have much of an opinion on this one.


Never heard of him, never seen him play. Not even watched a YouTube video of him.

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