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12 minutes ago, Ric Flair said:

Do you know what, I think you are right. The abbreviation for an attacking central midfielder is CAM so I apologise 😂


If you'd asked me a few months ago I'd say we did need Diallo, then Mendy coming in to form I'd say no. Now Ndidi is out for 3 months + then we would be in trouble if Mendy got an injury (had several in the past here) even with Hamza being able to play there.


It's a tricky one, he'd be the go to target if we were to sign a new defensive midfielder but I think the weakness in our squad is having a combative box to box player which Rodgers is asking Choudhury to be when called upon and I'm not sure this has helped or hindered his career here.

I was gonna say, on FM it's ACM (I think lol) instead of CAM. Either way I was being a bit picky haha. 


True, i know Mendy has been a bit unfortunate with injuries especially tje Arsenal one where he gestured he snapped or broke his ankle. All valid points in regards to us needing cover in that area should, God forbid Mendy get injured.


I beleive that Hamza has been hampered to be honest, he was looking like a midfield destroyer but then almost seriously injured that France player a couple of years ago and got a silly red and then being asked to play the defensive role then the Praet role. I know Brendan loves a player capable in multiple areas but maybe some players aren't cut out for that, in my opinion Hamza falls into that category. I think he needs a sit down with the management to find out what his role is meant to be. If its true about him moving to a more BTB player then by all means we would need cover in the "DCM" 🤮 role. 

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On 29/09/2020 at 12:32, lcfceaves said:

I agree... Some also need to get over the fact that Celtic is a massive club, bigger than us... and anyone that says any different is off their rocker. 


Possibly something Sutton needs to get over is the fact that the Premier League is massive compared to the Scottish Premiership and carry on waffling about Rodgers leaving to take up the opportunity to go back to England. Our owner reportedly said, "take it now or the chance is gone". Not "I tell you what, stay until the end of the season and win the league again, because Celtic is a priority to me over the club I own..."  He could have turned it down, we appoint someone else, and he not get offered a job in England again for another 3 or 4 years... 


In general, I actually enjoy listening to Chris Sutton, he does come out with some rubbish to get a reaction, but it's funny..

Next thing you'll be saying that Fofana only joined us over goat farming ac Milan due to the league and the money! 😭


Wash your mouth out! 😱



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6 hours ago, foxpleasure said:

Please don't go there. The last thing we need is this thread being swamped with breast puns. Its bad enough that all the fish puns made us look like right tits.

Hes a great one to talk


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