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Liverpool A Post Match Thread

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Just now, Stuntman_Mike said:

Absolutely ****ing abysmal. 


I can take defeat at Anfield but I can't get over all round performances like that. We looked clueless all over. 



This. We looked 2nd best all over and it was partly down to lack of effort as well as Liverpool being better than us. 

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Bitterly disappointed about that. I thought they could have been got at. Couple of off performances which is a shame. But I'm sure they'll be mentioned here.


Who I wanted to give a big shout to though was Justin he was great today and I actually think his best performance for us. Did he put a pass wrong I don't think he did. He looked mature. He look a threat and full of energy. 


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1 minute ago, peach0000 said:

I think him and Praet compliment each other a lot. They would be two of the first names on the team sheet for me. If Praet doesn't play Tielemans is poor, if there's not space for both then Tielemans misses out for me as Praet performs no matter who he has next to him.

I agree. I feel we might be trying to get Maddison into the side, to the detriment of the team. Better him coming off the bench. 

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Recent European champions, and recent league champions. Liverpool are a world class side, we dangerously sauntered into this thinking we had got them, “they are there for the taking” we thought.. in reality they were not. The Villa defeat was a freak and not a true representation of their current state. 

Tonight we didn’t play well, but unlike a Sheffield United, or a West Brom, Liverpool punish you, regardless of the starting eleven they put out. They’re clinical, hard working and full of quality in their depth, hence why they pissed all over the league last season.


They will probably win it again if they get back to full force. 

Sometimes you come up against a quality and no matter what you do they find a way through, teams like Liverpool make mistakes more obvious, it was concerning how easy it was, but this side have not lost at home for 65 games now, you don’t do this if you’re “there for the taking”.


We must forget it, and move on to the next game. This was a set back against a world class side. 

Im encouraged and more hopeful now than I was at the start of the season that’s for sure, we’re in good shape, just not quite as good as Liverpool, but I feel the consistency will come. 

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Our problem tonight was our passing. 
how many times did we give the ball away when a simple pass was on. 

Tielemans and Maddison didn’t show up tonight and no service to Vardy. 

out played by the better team and didn’t help with the own goal. 

need to put this one behind us and bounce back with a win on Thursday. 

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Don't play Madders and Youri in the same team from the start again. 

They didn't offer anything like we know that can.

Positives though, Justin us turning into a very tidy player. We have some of the "first 11" coming back soon. 

I think we were poor today but it's only one game, Liverpool looked really good. That's that game out the way. Can rest some of big players next game out in Europe. We should (really) be winning our next 3 league games Fulham, Sheff U and Brighton - The fight continues. 

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