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Liverpool A Post Match Thread

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2 minutes ago, wokinghamfox said:

Tielemans has been outstanding in the last 6 games, tonight non existent, his performance was the level of how we performed in that game.

He was good because maddison didn't start. They cannot play together. Youri with Praet is so much better. Maddison needs dropping as he's nowhere near what we need him to be. Every time makes poor decisions and tries to win free kicks. There's a player in there somewhere but at the moment he needs bringing back down to earth. Albrighton, love the man, but please don't start another game for us. He's so 2016.

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2 minutes ago, Fox85 said:

Should of been 13 -0

Kasper and Justin best players.

Kasper 8

Justin 8

Fuchs 6

Fofana 4

Evans 3

Albrighton 1

Tielemans -1

Mendy -1

Barnes 0

Madison 1

Vardy 0


Under 6 atleast tried to forward

Preat 4


We're so lucky to have fans like you amongst us.

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One of the hardest fixtures we’ll have all year, injuries aside, they are the best team in the league.


We couldn’t win or keep the ball at all today and they were simply too efficient for us.


Few players had an off day, 3 points next week and we’ll be all smiles again.


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Positive pants on 🤷‍♀️ we got beaten by the champions as will many others this season. We are still having a great season so far and wins at arsenal and man city were incredible. They will bounce back and hopefully this is another learning curve in what they need to do to be the best. I'm frustrated Praet didnt start as the midfield is better with him and Youri. The passing is more fluid and they bring the 💪 we need. Madders wants to be the main man then he has more learning to do as he isnt there yet. He loses his place to Praet for me everytime at the moment. What frustrated me most tonight was the lack of fight. If we are going to lose go down fighting! Onwards and upwards. A steep learning curve for the team.

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Just now, Blue-fox said:

I agree. I feel we might be trying to get Maddison into the side, to the detriment of the team. Better him coming off the bench. 

I can agree with that to some extent, I do like Maddison's creativity and generally I feel we're more threatening with than without his but sometimes he might have to be left out so we can control the midfield better, especially in games like Liverpool away.

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Just now, RowlattsFox said:

I'm going to go against the natural foxetslk reaction and not get too annoyed. Shit performance, totally outclassed by one of the worlds best team. We couldn't handle them, and completely lost the midfield. Our confidence went as we were being dominated 


Most would've gone for the same line up, our style looks great if it works but when it doesn't it looks like that. Couldn't get hold of the ball, and get opportunities to get Vardy in.


No panic, move on and hope we can put this behind us. Liverpool will the title again I'm sure, if people are expecting us to challenge then they will be disappointed. 


The way the game completely changed when Praet and Under finally came on means I reckon the hindsight merchants will be out in force tonight. 


Yes, that is a joke. 

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4 minutes ago, AKCJ said:

Wouldn't rate Albrighton, Fuchs, Mendy, Tielemans, Maddison or Barnes higher than a 2.


Utter ****ing shambles. COmpletely shit the bed. Get them at Belvoir Drive at 8am tomorrow morning for a full dressing down. Not even nearly good enough for a Premier League team.

Surely Marc gets a 3 for his clearance off the line? :)

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What a load of shit!


Worst we've played all season - tbf 1st bad performance of the season.


Can we just forfeit our games against these *****? It'd save me alot of pain.


I said it many times last season in these types of games - We looked scared with a full strength Liverpool team we shouldn't have been scared, we most certainly shouldn't have been scared by a weakend Liverpool team.


I thought and hoped we'd moved on from that given how we played against Man City and Arsenal but I fear we've still got some kind of mentality problem in that area.


We were awful though, couldn't play a simple pass of any kind (Even the sideways and backwards of which everyone knows I hate), anything we tried we just hit straight at them, as if the ball was a hot potato.


The only thing I can say is atleast Liverpool deserved it tonight - unlike many of our recent games against them at Anfield.


Learn and onto the next one.

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2 minutes ago, HighPeakFox said:

Don't give me this guff about 'gave them too much respect'. They're just way better right now.

They don’t make errors. That’s the difference between them and the other ‘big’ clubs. Organised so well. You never find them short on counter attacks. 

Then in Klopp, they have a bloke who is far more innovative than Pep. You seen that in his Jota on Fuchs tactic 

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1 minute ago, Walkers said:

And thats enough to warrant calls for Evans/Albrighton/Schmeichel/Rodgers to **** off??

We got toyed with and that comes down to the managers tactics, our press and passing tonight was shocking.


We was so in awe of them, it was embarrassing


I really hope we don’t capitulate like we did last season after get mauled by Liverpool 

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Second best in every department, could have easily been 5 or 6. I think fofana had his worst game for us, but it's all part of his education. At least I can stop fretting about our title challenge now, lets concentrate on europe.

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