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Liverpool A Post Match Thread

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Watching tonight’s game was a bit like watching this film... I was waiting for the “overhand right” (see Vardy Goal) but it just never came...


Liverpool bossed us from start to finish. Got to give them credit for that.


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No threat, no organisation, no point. All the talk about how Vardy would test their defence and yet again he's given nothing of the ball.


Rodgers will get away with it in the press as he normally does but we are so limp at times. 

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Just now, Tom12345 said:

Liverpool were just too good today. Deserved their win today. We were not allowed to play and we didn’t have the personnel to break through today.

Yep outgunned and outclassed.


I am disappointed with the game. Losing there is no shame, but there was a huge gulf between the teams. I did feel like we played better than we did when they mauled us 4-0 at home, but we've still lost by 3 and were fortunate not to concede more.


Ah well, onto the next one.

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We didn't lay a glove on them. Too ponderous in the final third and we couldn't string anything together. Fofana will have learnt a lot tonight.


I thought Justin had a superb game, however. But that's about it.


A response against Braga and Fulham would make things look a lot rosier again.

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Wouldn't rate Albrighton, Fuchs, Mendy, Tielemans, Maddison or Barnes higher than a 2.


Utter ****ing shambles. COmpletely shit the bed. Get them at Belvoir Drive at 8am tomorrow morning for a full dressing down. Not even nearly good enough for a Premier League team.

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