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Liverpool A Post Match Thread

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Bit of an overreaction on here tonight. Liverpool are a class team with a world class manager. We were unlucky not to get a penalty and that may have changed the game slightly, but we were second best all over the park. 3-0 absolutely flattered us, could have quite easily been 5 or 6.

The thing that pisses me off is our set pieces, we look totally useless whether it’s attacking or defending them, we never seem to work on them (or we don’t appear to anyway but we aren’t improving in any way on them).

Onto the next game, forget about tonight.

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1 minute ago, Walkers said:

The state of the match thread was beyond embarrasing, not that i'm surprised. Why do we have to take every single defeat, no matter what sort of form we're in, as though it's the end of the world? Especially against one of the best teams in the world.

I expect some fight even if our manager got it tactically wrong from the start.

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Terrible today. Never looked like scoring really, and very shaky at the back. Did aggravate me how often they'd get lucky with bounces at times mind. 


Don't agree that we should have had a penalty even if I wouldn't be surprised to see it given against us. 

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A collective off day with the exception of Justin and Kasper.


It doesn’t help the narrative that when the going gets tough we fold like a pack of cards, but this team has enough to be up in the top 6 at the end of the season.


Plenty of very good players to come back from injury. Move on as soon as we can!

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1 minute ago, Lcfc-1992 said:

Liverpool to good for us, don’t give us any time on the ball. Hopefully this defeat doesn’t have the same effect as last season.

Liverpool weren't to good we were just very very poor and made Liverpool have there easiest game so far this season we done bottle jobs you have done it again just like last season

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