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Rodgers did him a favour today.. Genuinely thought he'd start.. But Rodgers clearly weren't confident yet and to stick him against salah would've been a tough game so early in his development 


Lads gonna be a great player eventually 

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Another bit of great defending at the far post to block off Traore in the second half.


He's a solid defender and can get so much better.


I'd like to see him be a bit more adventurous at times, but it seems like he knows his place in the hierarchy at the minute and will play the simple ball to a more senior player.


Bags of potential. 

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Brilliant display today, the Thomas / Barnes link-up play was everything that Chilwell / Barnes was not.


He gets a lot of respect from me for the defensive side of his game, he had a brilliant block on Traore where he was up against a player with much more impressive physicality and dealt with the situation fantastically.


Over the next few years the club will work on his physical development; look at how barrel-chested Harvey Barnes is these days as an example, they spent a long time making him lift weights to build up that upper body strength. Once Thomas puts on some real muscle he will be a very good player indeed. He's for me a lot better than Chilwell at the same age, and Chilwell was pretty good!



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Fantastic game I  mentioned in the match thread I liked how Kasper didn’t give him a rollicking  for giving  him a bad back pass good captaincy on Kaspers behalf  knows he’s young and will make an odd error doesn’t slate him for it 

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