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The Premier League’s so-called ‘Big Six’ could become part of a new-look Champions League.

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PLANS Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham could all enter new-look Champions League as UEFA try to avoid European Super League breakaway
By Jackson Cole
10th December 2020, 12:41 pm



With the threat of a possible European Super League never far from the table, UEFA has reportedly come up with its own plan to fend off any breakaway.

These plans would change the landscape of European football hugely

The Sun reports the plans unveiled to the top flight elite would open the way for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham to all share millions in extra Euro revenue from 2024.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Premier League sides would be required to finish in the top four to qualify.

The report goes onto say that European football’s governing body is now working with the European Club Association to find a format acceptable to the biggest clubs.

Despite the already busy fixture schedule, it’s understood clubs want MORE games and thus more guaranteed TV cash.

That has seen them adopt the outline plan of a 36-team league, with each side playing an initial ten matches in seeding brackets to ensure opponents of a similar strength.

However, the biggest clubs in the wealthiest nations are set to benefit the most, with England potentially being allowed up to six sides in the new-look competition – plus FA Cup winners in the Europa League and Carabao Cup holders in the new third-tier Europa Conference League.

In England, Spain, Germany and Italy, top four sides get an automatic place in the Champions League.

But the secondary leagues would offer two or three places, with further slots accessed through play-off rounds to ensure a nominal path to the high table for every country.

Solskjaer and Arteta’s teams are struggling in the league, but new plans could see them still qualify for the Champions League

Two places would be left open to the two clubs across Europe with the highest coefficient score – calculated by results in UEFA competitions over the previous five seasons who had no qualified by right.

All of the Premier League‘s Big Six are currently rated in Europe’s top 15, meaning they would have a good chance of making it.

However, it’s makes it more difficult for the likes of Leicester, Southampton, Everton or Wolves, who have not been regular European competitors and are thus down the coefficient table.

UEFA hope the format is agreed at April’s Congress of the 55 associations.

European Leagues representative Lars-Christer Olsson said: “It should be possible to squeeze in an extra four dates.”

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1 minute ago, Raw Dykes said:

Honestly, I think I'm done with football if this happens. Sickeningly blatant fixing.

I honestly hope that the masses do boycott it. But the issue is that ‘real club fans’ just aren’t the target audience anymore. 

Fans in the Middle East or Asia or any of these big markets aren’t going to stop watching because of fairness. It’s pissing in the wind. 

very odd but it makes me envious of league 2 clubs. At least they compete on a fair league every season with something in front of them to achieve. 

In this scenario, the options of achievement become more limited and much harder due to the financial imbalances this would bring 

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Thought people backed this considering the amount of times I see "I don't want them doing a Leicester" on here.


Big up the "lesser" clubs and I can't believe the likes of Everton fall into the category considering they've won more top flights than Chelsea/Man City/Spurs.


This season has been good because of the variety of sides doing well so far. If we weren't to win it then I'd be behind a side like Southampton winning it.

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40 minutes ago, davieG said:

Meanwhile, the rest of the Premier League sides would be required to finish in the top four to qualify.



They may be big in terms of bank balance and merch sales across the world but this is absolutely pathetic and a massive slap in the face to any club that's not deemed 'big six'. Pandering to those clubs and its a huge insult to anyone else trying to get to those heights. That glass ceiling just got taller. 


The fact some of those 'big six' haven't even won the league or finished top 4 in recent seasons yet can automatically qualify for CL is just ridiculous. 


Big six can all fvck off to their own league. Have their own rules and do whatever they want. Clubs like Arsenal and Tottenham and Man Utd these days won't have a chance of sustained success in that super league they all obsess about. They'll be the laughing stock of it all. 

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I'd love to know what the real football fans of the big six clubs think of it all. As in, the ones that have been through it all for a long time. Not just on the back of any recent success (like Chelsea pre mid-00s or Man City shortly after). As in, not the glory supporters who have probably never been to a game. Willing to bet that several Leicester fans have been to Anfield, Emirates, Old Trafford etc more times than any of those clubs' fans. 

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It’s embarrassing, and is a fallacy to sport. Football particularly European football... it’s turning into Americanised bollocks, where the “elite” are fed up of being shit so they want out ..... world seems to be going to rat shit, so they may as well **** the footy up too... whilst they’re at it, why don’t they start an special olympics for the sted heads? Just have all the jacked up cheats I mean “elite” battle it out.......

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