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Crystal Palace (A) - Match Thread

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I doubt Rodgers wants to make a host of changes but he's in a delicate situation where key players have played a lot, others are returning and it's a very short turnaround. 


Of course there's a risk in this team- there's also a risk putting out players with niggles which could get worse.


I can guarantee he'd want to play a much stronger team.

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3 minutes ago, kyleolly said:

Have Palace not made any changes then?

Five apparently 


2 minutes ago, Lcfc82 said:

Only 3 or 4


see above - no idea if the five I read was correct 


2 minutes ago, adejo92 said:

I think we have shown Palace some disrespect with that line up and they could well oblige in punishing us.


Palace are a much better team than their last 2 results make them look.


I'd have like to have seen Maddison & Vardy start with the option to bring them off  when we are ahead.


I've been proved wrong far too many times by BR and this squad though so I should probably just show faith and trust.


Come on boys.


Madders picked up a knee injury and was already carrying a knock. Can’t currently play twice a week


 vards the same - we will get a half out of him if we are more than one down at half time ....

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Look at Newcastle last year to see what playing the same players in every game over the Christmas period can do and that’s without having all the games we’ve had in a short period this year. Pure cloud cuckoo thinking to have expected anything different to this

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