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Chelsea (H) Match Thread

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2 minutes ago, Grebfromgrebland said:

Normally when there's this much positivity we don't turn up.



If we win this we've definitely won the league!

Only if we win 2-0 and only if Lampard gets the sack afterwards. Then yes, it’s on. 

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32 minutes ago, fuchsntf said:

This is a real test..See if we are serious potential for Top 4, or even more..

Not necessarily the result, but the perfoormance....!!!!


Stupid having so a  Late kick- off time..in this Covid period....

Protect the players & staff....!!!!

Didn't realise the risk was greater at night!

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28 minutes ago, Jaspa said:

In 15 attempts, Rodgers has never beaten Chelsea.

Hadn't he never beaten Mourinho until this season? We are breaking long standing records under Rodgers this season.

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Just now, jmono84 said:

****ing ell Jamie Redknapp Leicester are playing as well lad!



Loves talking about his cousin doesn’t he.

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I am slightly worried if I’m being honest..... I’d much prefer we go to a three. I just feel this formation leaves us too open against a side like this, Lampard may be turning out to be a shite manager, but they has so much talent it gets them buy. Fearing we might get a bit of a hiding.....

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