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Kasper Schmeichel...

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He has looked devasted from pics or vids I have seen. May take him a while to get over it so hopefully the club will give him the time he needs if he needs any which I am sure they will. It will be hard for all of the team to go to the stadium for a long time. I'm sure that all the fans will let them know they are behind them every game

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I'll be the first to admit I've criticised the way he has previously conducted himself in interviews and how it comes across as arrogance. I think this season and this week and particular I've grown to realise it's more of a heart on the sleeve thing, there's no in between with Kasper, he'll be 100% honest with you no matter what the context and sometimes that might be portrayed in the wrong way but actually, who cares?


I've felt guilt about that criticism given the way he's handled himself this week. I really hope he gets the support he clearly needs, as I said in another thread he'd be the last person to ask for time off, but I hope someone who notices he need it might have the balls to tell him to take a step back if needs be.

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I've long held Kasper as such a great professional (as his dad was) and its great the way he has handled himself despite obviously being so heartbroken with the events of saturday night.


Watching the video of Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha and his mother place the wreath in the center of the pitch yesterday was so heartbreaking. Kasper Schmichael and Jamie Vardy so obviously very close to him and showing their raw emotion. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha had a hug for everyone of the players and staff but when he came to Kasper and then Jamie, it obvious how close they are. So heartbreaking - i don't know how they will be able to move on from this terrible tragic event. I guess they will need so much support to be able to come to terms with what happened. Being so close to the stadium makes it especially difficult.


Also watching Riyad Mahrez' interview after his match last night was also very emotional. He too clearly had a great relationship with Vichai and Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha.  


Such sadness for all at LCFC and the city. What must his family be feeling.

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2 hours ago, Ric Flair said:

I've long thought of Kasper as the model professional and it's something said about him from his fellow players. He has a bond with us and with the owners and sadly it's being shown just how close that bond is in these tragic circumstances. He is the captain of this club in my eyes and that's meant as no disrespect to Wes as we need 25 captains now to pull us all together, but I just feel admiration and have massive faith in Schmeichel.


What a horrible few days this has been and will continue to be. We were so privileged to experience the title win and everything Vichai created for us and now we are so cruelly faced with this pain and sorrow and I'd trade the Prem in in a heartbeat to not see us going through what we are right now. Cant handle it. 

Absolutely this plus Vardy who seems very close to the owners. He was comforting one of the Thais throughout and in great personal distress. It’s 100 years since the end of the First World War and as they say Kasper is a definite leader you would want to be next to in the trenches.


one club, one family wherever we are in the world 

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This really is a special club at the moment and it's testament to Vichai and Top that there is such a close group.


We're living in an era of club legends and global superstars who want to stay here and play for our club and these tragic events have highlighted the reason why- it's one big family. We've been united in joy and now we're united in grief, players, staff and fans alike.


Kasper has been a massive part of everything we've achieved and this certainly seems to have hit him hard, but he's handling himself with the utmost class.

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I’ve been a fan for years,

i remember doing my work experience as a groundsman at filbert street,

my first day was just after a 2-2 draw with Liverpool(pierpoint out)

and having been given the job of clearing up around the pitch,

i was told by a fellow groundman we’re going Belvoir drive to have dinner with the players,

i was 14 years old and extremely anxious and didn’t believe him,

but was told by the woman on reception to go with him,

so I did,

at that time I was a goalkeeper for syston town so I’m sure you can imagine than upon walking into the restaurant,

my idols were sat on the tables around me,

I remember having chicken,chips and beans,

martin o Neil was on one table with John Robertson,

the table I sat at was opposite my idol Tim flowers,with tony cottee knees folded reading a paper opposite,

i can honestly say I never expected to see a goalkeeper emulate Tim flowers,

kasper for me is easily a legend,

not for only how he conducts himself off the picture but simply his loyalty,

wheather good or not his name is simply a brand,

but to kasper he doesn’t want to be known for his dad reputation,

simply wanting to earn tha right himself

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12 minutes ago, dmayne7 said:

He also played some great passes and plenty of nearly good ones. People expect him to have the passing of Paul Scholes.

Bollocks, you can’t twist him playing the odd good pass as us having unrealistic expectations. His distribution is awful and very often unnecessarily ambitious.

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28 minutes ago, Lovejoy said:

Bollocks, you can’t twist him playing the odd good pass as us having unrealistic expectations. His distribution is awful and very often unnecessarily ambitious.

I'd rather that than contributing to continued slow play. We have nobody tall to hit up the pitch either.

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