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3 minutes ago, FoxFossil said:

Like Chilly was slowly introduced, good planning imo. Genuinely thought JJ could play either side and FB or WB, but others know best.


He can play either side but he's a right back we are not going to try and play him as an inverted left back for the rest of his career are we. I am sure he could fill in there but it's not going to be a long term strategy is it. 


And this is the point, there's absloutley no evidence he is anywhere near Chillwell's level, I mean he could be but I I'd actually like to see a decent performance at right back before proclaiming our right back position is covered for the next decade. 

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11 hours ago, ScouseFox said:

enjoyed pretty much everything he did tonight. 


but i thought he was a right back? we brought him on as a left winger and all the comments in here and other threads say he could be a great replacement for chilwell, or start instead of fuchs? is that just cos ricardo is never going to not play? or is he just not a right back? 

He's a RB by trade, but he's actually played on the left more than on the right, so he's definitely versatile. His positional stats from his whole career on transfermarkt are:

Position / Apps / G / A

LB  43  4  7

RB  42  1  5

LM  3  0  1

RM  3  1  0

DM  1  0  0

CB  1  0  0

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1 minute ago, FireFox said:

Would love to see him start a bigger game with Ricardo as a winger.

Could well work, and potentially solve our issues with the wingers not contributing enough (although I'd still want us to sign another improvement, mind...)

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