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Really good performance all round. Well pleased for Dennis, looking like he's enjoying himself a bit more here and maybe he's found his role in this team. Only negative tonight is we did look a bit shaky when the obligatory last ditch pressure came on and looked a bit lightweight defending deep crosses. Other than that, we're looking damn good going forward. 

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Things I've took away from that...


Castagne is a beast!


It's going to be a shame when Mendy is dropped, he's been excellent. 


JJ is NOT a left back by any stretch. 


Barnes is going to have a great year. 



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1 minute ago, Mrfox452 said:

Totally agree...he will make mistakes.


But he will improve with time...some fans need to get off his back

There's nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade.


He looks good going forward, but defensively he's a bit of a liability and I'm basing that not just on tonight but having given away a couple of goals post lockdown also.


Yes, give him time to develop and let him make mistakes but equally, whatever age he is he can't be persevered with if he's giving goals away regularly and being very naive as he was tonight. If he's giving goals away he should be criticised as anyone else would be.


I'm not saying he's giving goals away consistently just yet btw but the warning signs are there. Hopefully it's the catalyst for him to iron that out though.

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I mean we look shaky at the back still but when you look at how it will change in the next month or so, even without bringing anyone else in, it will get better.  Ricky P back and hopefully Castagne will hit the ground running on the opposite side which puts Justin on the bench (he's a weak link for me). Under will go straight In to the first 11 to give us more width.   Evans back means ndidi can go back where he is best.  


We are getting there 

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2 minutes ago, StriderHiryu said:

That was a really entertaining match to watch. Offensively we were irrepressible, it was awesome to watch, MOTM between TIelemans and Castagne for me. I will give it to Youri because of that incredible pass he made for the third goal.


I do have to give Dyche a lot of credit today. Yes it's true that Burnley don't play great football, but I think that's being quite unfair. They have evolved their style and with many injuries and no signings they were very competitive. They did what many teams did to us at the end of last season in terms of sussing us out - press the back four so we can't get out and play it back to Schmiechel who then gives it away with a sloppy pass. They did this a number of times and got a lot of joy from it and the problem is that better teams than Burnley will do it to us and will get good mileage out of it. Just watch Man City do it to us next week for example.


But all that said, going forwards we were so good to watch. All of the Belgians superb, Barnes fantastic. I love watching us when we play like that, and at times I find it hard to believe that Leicester, yes LEICESTER CITY can play like that. Fantastic!

Bang on re: Burnley. I'll never understand folk on here who expect them to come out and play Tiki Taka, plain daft. They play to their strenghths and in doing that punch way above their weight which should be comended.

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