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3 minutes ago, Nick said:

Couldn’t pick a MOTM between Youri, Timmy and Harvey.


Love watching this football - and I really do like this manager.

First time I’ve been impressed by Praet in ages, too. Maybe ever. Thought he looked solid today and had impact. The goal was the cherry on top of a very good display.

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23 minutes ago, RumbleFox said:

At full strength we look scary good I reckon.....



Ricardo Evans Soy Castagne

        Ndidi Tielemans

   Under Maddison Barnes



And to be fair, Praet and Mendy could feel

very hard done by to not be in that first 11, Praet especially. With that 11 and the following players for the bench......


Perez, Justin, Mendy, Praet, Iheanacho, we look very strong. Another CB and our squad looks great.


Great performance and result against a very hard team to beat. X 

For me, I'd take Madison out and put Preat in, leave Ndidi CDM and go 4141. 


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An excellent performance. The team is finally playing some good all round direct and forward thinking football:


- with Chilwell gone and Ndidi playing at CB, we cut out a lot of the boring backpassing (until Maddison came in)

- Ndidi can make an excellent CB with good ball skills. Apart from his lunge to leave Wood completely open, he did well

- Praet and Tielemans are a great pair in the middle. Praet with all his runs into the box and into the left and right channels and playing direct football, plus his goal on top to me was MOTM just pipping Castagne

- Castagne, wow, what a player. Assisted the first goal. Made the second goal together with Tielemans. Made the run to distract McNeill to leave space for Praet to shoot for our fourth goal

- Barnes, I would have given him MOTM any other game for his efforts except today Praet deserves it more. Created problems all game with his direct mazy dribbles and positivity. He finally scored too. What a player we have

- Mendy, I cannot not mention his excellent efforts playing the DCM role. As I said many times in the past, this role has been a key problem for us in that Ndidi was often not able to get the ball out and us played too much backpassing (Ndidi is just not tidy enough; though he was improving). Mendy fills this role well, and does an overall better job than Ndidi. Even though we sacrifice a little bit in terms of tackles missed, Mendy makes up for it for keeping our football fluid and forward, which is much better than backpassing and boring football. Last two games solidified my opinion that Mendy, Praet and Tielemans are our best midfield trio

- Perez played well even though he is more invisible than others. He is a smart team player who leaves others open and he is a forward thinker as well - he was creator of third goal and if that was Maddison he would have turned around after his dancing move and passed it back to halfway line. Perez on the other hand did his sneaky quick pass across goal resulting in Justin scoring. Nonetheless, I see this role the hardest to decide amongst: Perez, Under and Maddison. Based on today’s performance, I would go with Perez but I think Under will take over

- Maddison had a run which was good after his long layoff, but this game highlighted his problem: he dances too much and is not direct or effective enough. It is great to have him, but I think Rodgers needs to make the tough decision to leave him on the bench while others are performing. He can come off the bench to make an impact like Gray, but if we want to keep what we have now seemingly going, unfortunately he is better on the bench now. Rodgers hopefully sees this.

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20 minutes ago, foxfanazer said:

I personally thought JJ should've been stronger. I was more surprised it wasn't disallowed for handball 

How strong you are shouldn’t matter when someone’s breaking the rules. Quite blatantly in my opinion. 

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Was great to see us getting 5 or 6 people in the box on attacks, when you do that the goals will come. Really impressed with us going forward, feels like we're getting out swagger back :D



We definitely need a CB in soon because not only is Ndidi wasted there, he's not a center back and as soon as we fact a decent team he's gonna cost us. Evans is gonna take a while to get up to speed as well after being out for so long.

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14 minutes ago, StanSP said:

Mendy/Praet look like the players we wanted when we first signed for them. 

I agree with Praet he looks to have adapted after struggling to have an impact in most games last season, but Mendy is simply a makeshift at the moment if he's in this role next week I dread to think what the outcome will be, he made lots of basic errors in that second half that a better team would have punished us, even Burnley came close 3/4 times.

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The only thing that cheesed me off tonight was Madders back on his foul buying mission. If we were good at set pieces I'd understand....but he needs to watch players like David Silva and understand the art of riding a challenge and when to take the free kick. 

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Conceding that goal to make it 3-2 and you just know its gonna be squeaky bum time until we concede a late equaliser from a scramble after a corner, which will made it feel like we lost despite actually being quite good. But then Praet does that!! Fantastic roller coaster game. Looked good going forward, but Ndidi and Justin and their positioning in their new positions caused us to look very suspect defensively. 

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1 minute ago, Mickyblueeyes said:

Youri Tielemans is a boss of a midfield player. May have my Blue tinted glasses on but there are very few in the league better then him. 

Castagne looks like another top bit of scouting. 

6 from 6, can’t ask for anything more. Takes the pressure off next week. 

...Youri does not have the ability to take control of the game!!!

 Too often the games become open and we have just as much chance of scoring as the opposition. Burnley came back into the game when they should have been out of the picture and with better finishing it could easily have been a draw. Youri just does not have the authority on the pitch to take the sting out of games and control the match, he will have to quickly learn this as Rodgers chose him as his mouthpiece on the pitch.

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3 minutes ago, Unabomber said:

Very bad shout wow, mendy is good.

Mendy is more meh than good. 

The last couple of seasons I'd have said Shïte, still hasn't done enough to reach good. If he's playing next week we are struggling, he's only there because Wolf is filling in at CB. 

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